Too many blueberries

Anyone ever freeze blueberries?

My boys and I may have overdone it yesterday when we picked a little over 6lbs of blueberries. They are organic and gorgeous - that said the boys will only eat plain blueberries - no muffins or pancakes etc.

If I freeze them can I put them into muffins or pancakes (for myself and hubby) frozen or defrosted? Is there another use I am missing?

I didn’t know there was any such thing as too many blueberries. I love blueberry pie and blueberry banana bread in addition to your own delicious suggestions.

They aren’t my favorite berry, but I love-love-love them in a smoothie. Greens, frozen blueberries, bananas and whatever liquid you like. All kinds of options

I freeze them. I never get enough off my bush to worry about, but we’ve frozen fresh from the store and they are fine. I use them in “cereal”, yogurt, smoothies or whatever right out of the freezer.

Thank you ! In years past we’ve picked just a couple of pounds at a time so no problem eating them before they went bad. This year the boys were both great pickers and since we live further away now I just let them go…

What everyone else said. They’re a little soft when you thaw them, but not inedibly so, and they go really well in pancakes, muffins, etc. Jam is also very easy to make and really good.

Oh we freeze them on a cookie sheet and then put them in a container/bag. Seems like there are less ice crystals… but maybe I’m imagining it. :think:

Jan - when I freeze strawberries I do them on a cookie sheet as well b/c I feel like they thaw better. Plus the boys have been known to let them warm on the counter a bit and eat them semi-frozen. They also go very well in yogurt that way.

I froze a small batch and will try them in muffins later this week when my husband returns from a conference. If it goes well then I will freeze more.

I have blueberry bushes, and I love them. I make pies, pancake syrup, muffins, etc… There are so many things that you can make. Look online to get inspired.

Blue berries are the best. and they have many health benefits.

I often freeze the soft fruit at harvest for jam making later in the year. I just made blackcurrant jam from last July’s crop - really easy and you don’t even have to thaw the berries first!