Toeless Socks?

Can anyone help me with an easy toeless sock? I have bad feet and can’t stand my toes squished together. I have never completed a sock pattern, though I have tried many times. Does anyone have any ideas? It’s getting cool here in SC and I can’t wear my flip flops much longer. Thanks!!

I would think that you could make them just like a sock and decrease a bit before the toe, but bind off at the toe. Kinda like a fingerless mitten but with a heel. I do like making socks because you can try them on as you are making them and then adjust your pattern to fit your feet. You may like making your own socks because you can make the toe area as big as you need or just leave it off all together.

There are also sock patterns out there that have toes… a spot for each toe - like a glove for your foot.

Good luck -

Here’s some:

This pattern is in a book, but it’s just socks knit with binding at the beginning of the toe part.

Here’s some stirrup socks from Lion Brand. If you’re not a member yet its free to sign up :slight_smile: