Toe Up socks on two circular needles

I am almost done with my first toe up sock. After knitting about 5 pair of cuff down, I wanted to challenge myself. Aside from a small glitch in the fleegle heel turn ( I either miscounted my stitches or there was an errata in the pattern) all went well and I found the cast on a delight. No Kitchener stitch grafting necessary!IMG_1144


That will be a good sock! Fleegle heel is my favorite heel and I recognized it immediately.

Lovely work!

Super sock. Thanks for sharing. I really like the colors in that yarn

I know you are a sock knitter extraordinaire so your compliments are extra nice!

Thanks - I am starting on the second sock today, so Iā€™m really pleased!

Thank you - I have found that half the fun of sock knitting is selecting the yarn and there are so many lovely, lovely colorways to choose from.