Toe Up Socks Discussion

Hello Sock Knitters~

I am about to embark on a journey to make toe up socks. After doing a search in our very own forums (great discussion here) and a brief google search, I feel I have the basics understood. Of course, understanding and doing can be two completely different tasks.

There seem to be many more options to starting a toe. There are square toe shapes and round toe shapes. With square toes, there are several different cast ons. I’m sure I do not have all of the information yet either.

My favourite cast on method so far is the Figure Eight Cast On, described at (haven’t tried the ones that require a crochet hook or smaller needles, because I do not have them). I am intrigued by the round toe, or pointy toe, shape and the cast on is significantly more involved. I found a tutorial from here. I also came across this site which has distinctive left and right toe socks.

I’ve made it to row 2 so far on the pointy toe and thought that I would like to have more of a discussion on toe up socks. What kind of CO do you use? Why? What else would you like to share about knitting socks this way? I’ve come across different heels as well. I’m sure I will find more about that when I get to them on my own sock. Can you give me, and other sock knitters, your insight?

Okay, Beld, I’ve said for the entire time that I have been knitting socks (all 6 months :lol: ) that I am the never gonna change dpn sock knitting girl. Well…I’ve eaten my crow and have printed out these turorials to which you refer; have them in paper protectors in my knitting notebook along with some toe up patterns. I ALSO have so that I may also learn the 2 socks on 2 circs method. I have my knitting $ for my dh’s next payday set aside to buy the needs circs; 16" & 24" Susan Bates Quicksilvers in sizes 1, 2, 3 from Knitting-Warehouse; and the same length Inox Express in size 0 from another online store. I have turned into this sock :XX: freak type of person…so I am ready to learn all forms of sock knitting…I love it!! I’m addicted; I have a gazillion printed patterns and 3 sock specific books…I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. And I have a bit of sock yarn. Speaking of sock yarn has 2 new sock yarns out now…solids and new stripes AND my friend Allison’s store is having a sale!!

I used the figure 8 cast on and thought it was easy…not sure about the others, differences??? I also did 2 different toes with basically the same method. If you increase every row, it is fairly pointy and if you encrease every other row more rounded (which is better for me since my feet are wide). I used the YO increase and then knitted into the back of it on the next row so there was no hole. I think this is the easiest way to increase in the toe area…other methods just seemed to hard to do in those little stitches.

Thanks for your input. I was looking at my toes today and think that the square toe with left side and right side specific fittings) would be best for me. Think I’ll go that way and use the figure 8 cast on the same as Kemp. I will have to pay attention to the increases to see what I like best.

My impression of toe up socks at this point is that you have a lot of freedom to shape the sock any way you want. I could make triangle, round, pointy, or square toes. I’m glad that I have done one pair of socks already though. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d want all of that freedom and choice when making a pair of socks.

Rebecca, I also want to try 2 socks on circs, but that’s down the road. I don’t even have any circs yet and I feel I would want to do something simpler with them first before I attempt to make two socks at once. I am a little intimidated, but still very intrigued by them.

Since I’m making my first pair of toe up socks for my son, I’m hoping I can just “wing it” a bit as there are a lot of sites that tell you how to construct the sock with out writing every single line…which is what I like. I’m not a row counter and following a bunch of instructions is an invitation to a disaster, or at least a deformed looking sock :doh: :wink:

lol…I have a pair of deformed looking socks…let’s not make fun…hurts my poor socks’ feelings!!
Beld, I’m going to do the toe up method 1st, as well!! I would like to experiment with a couple of those before I do the 2 socks on 2 circs, which, by the way, the turorial for that is at the same cyber sock tutorial site where u got the toe up tutorial, that’s where I got mine, too. I hope to finish my booga bag in a few days & then I’m going to give toe up a go with some Sockotta that I have, it’s the least slippery, etc & I’m very used to knitting with it. I’m very intriqued by the freedom that you have with toe up knitting…Truthfully, by all sock knitting in general.
Have fun, give me reports on the adventure :wink:

oh, oh, have you started yet??? KnitPicks put out a pattern for two toe up on one circ! Info HERE