Toe up sock video?

anybody know of a good toe up sock video, free or otherwise that is available? especially with the figure 8 cast on? i am having a hard time wrapping my brain around that cast on. :??

Sorry, I don’t know of a video, but Purlwise explains it pretty well.

I’ve tried and I can’t seem to grasp the figure 8 cast on either. I understand the concept, but it just doesn’t work for me. I thought I almost had it once, then the stitches were so loose that it looked terrible. I’d be interested in a video, too.

I’ve tried that cast on at least half a dozen times and I just plain can’t do it. :frowning:

yeah i am thinking i may have to drop in at LYS this week and see if someone there can show me cuz the pictures just don’t work for me. I need to see the motions people are making i guess. i read it and it says “do this, this, and this” and it makes sense…then i look at my needles and think “wait…you want me to do what?” :rollseyes:

It really helps if you CO loosely then tighten it up after you knit the first round. This link might help too.

Rebecca, I bookmarked that Purlwise page for future reference. Her close-up pictures are excellent. Thanks for posting it! :smiley:

I also had a horrible time doing the figure-8 cast on . Finally I found the instructions and pictures in Anna Zilboorg’s Magnificent Mittens. It might be worth it to take a look at a copy in the library. I’m trying to replace my lost copy, but no one seems to have a copy for sale or trade. But it might be worth it to Xerox the directions. I love the way it looks!

Karen W.

There is a copy of that book available HERE but $65 :shock:

OUCH on the $65 book!!!

Renna, I love Purlwise, she’s got great tutorials with clear pics :smiley:

The figure eight cast on is a little tricky. I remember when I knit my boyfriend socks, I was determined to do them toe-up with the figure eight cast on.

The figure eight that you’re doing is like you’re lookin at the needle from the tip view, that’s how you see the figure eight, I hope that makes sense. I might be able to make a video of it, but it would be of crappy quality. It’s a struggle to keep the figure eight bits on there in the first actual knitted row…at least for me it is. I usually end up securing my needles together on one end while I knit loops on one needle, and then do it again when I knit the other loops.

It’s like doing the grafting part of a project BEFORE you knit the project. That’s essentially what it is, really.

And you have to make sure to start with the yarn on top of the needle in the right place. Here, she shows a diagram of how to do it, and it helped me when I was knitting my socks. This is actually the pattern I used. It’s really like weaving your needles together.

I never even knew of this method - it looks SCARY to me :shock: I’ll stick with my old way :thumbsup: