Toe Up sock question

Making a pair of toe up socks. Going along fine. The pattern was written for top down, so I’ve been combining it with this tutorial.

Made the reverse dutch heel like they have(lesson 4), but I don’t know if I like it, so I wanted to try the round heel(lesson5). Little confused by a part here so far:

Arrange the stitches for the heel on one needle, rearrange the rest onto two needles (or three if you use 5 dpn’s) First wrong side row: slip 1, p to one stitch short of end First right side rows: slip 1, k to one stitch short of end Second wrong side row: slip 1, p to 2 stitches short of end Second right side row: slip 1, knit to 2 stitches short of end Continue in this manner until you have 8 (or number of your choice) stitches remaining.

What do I do with the stitches that I’m not knitting. Knit to last one and then what? Let it just chill out on the needles? Put it on other needles? Knit them together? I’m supposed to be decreasing, but I don’t get it.

Anyone done this before? Anyone know what to do with the stitches?


You are basically doing short rows, which means that you will be working back and forth for a while to build up one area. This means some of the stitches will have to “chill out” (as you put it), while you are doing the shaping. You will work them later. That is my very favorite heel, BTW. You get the nice fit of a gusset/heel flap construction, without having to pick up stitches.

OK, thanks.

I figured since there wasn’t anything telling me what to do with them that they were getting a break, but I wanted to make sure.