Toe-up sock question re: heels

I am a total sock novice.

I have made them and I have made them several ways. I have made cuff down socks on dpns, toe-up socks on dpns, toe-up magic loop socks and now 2 socks on 2 circs cuff down. I haven’t adapted a pattern yet because I’m always focusing on the technique rather than the construction.

It seems to me that the toe-up patterns always have the wrap and turn heel. The cuff down heels always look so much nicer to me. And it seems that the majority of socks are written for cuff down socks.

My question is: Is a heel a heel for either method? Can you read through a heel pattern for a cuff down sock and adapt it for a toe-up or will toe-up patterns always have that wrap and turn look going for them?

Thanks in advance!


Not all toe up socks have the wrap and turn heel. I agree, I don’t like it either.

Here is a toe up sock I’m doing right now, it has a German heel.


No, Zkimom, I don’t believe all toe-up socks have to have short row heels. In Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks she explains how to do a toe-up sock with a heel flap. See page 11.

Ahh, an excuse to buy another knitting book! :yay:

Give me an excuse. Any old excuse will do. :teehee: :mrgreen:

Ms Schurch’s toe up reversed heel is just one option…

Cat Bordhi’s new sock book has some other novel heels, and there is a reverse engineered toe up heel.

Ms Schurch’s heel is Flap (on sole of sock) turned (at back of heel) and gusseted (back of heel) --basicly the same heel as you do top down, done backwards.

there is an other option…

at sole, (about 3 to 4 inches before heel) begin to increase (2 stitches either side of sock, every other row) (continue to work in rounds)
(this is building up a gusset!) (increase about 16 stitches each side (32 or so in total!)

working flat (back and forth/not rounds)
then working short rows, turn the center group of stitches (start with center X (X=number of stitches on sole before increases) (the heel turning)

then, pick up short rows (all in one go) and begin back of heel
Work center X stitches, and K2tog at each edge to ‘bind off’ the gusset stitches–this will take 32 or so rows!
work these stitches in heel stitch.

when all the gusset stitches have been bound into sides of back of heel (flap in effect) return to working in the round.

there are detailed directions for this heel on line (but i don’t have a link…

this heel looks just like a top down heel.
the pink sock in this image has this heel.

i just learned how to do the short row heel/toe last week and i love it! i want to make every single sock from now on with short row heels and toes. call me silly.

There’s a wonderful tutorial here that shows how to do a toe-up heel flap

Is there a visual tutorial for the short row heel? I really like the look. Diane

doesn’t silver’s new sock tute have short row heels? it would be the one for 2 at once magic loop socks.