Toe up cast on?

what is this?

It’s a special cast on for toe up socks…there are are several, but I much prefer the Turkish Cast-on

I can’t link to YouTube with my iPad so if you want to look there I know there are a few videos.

Here’s another. It’s not better IMO, but it is the way I learned first.Judy’s Magic Cast On (Starting Toe Up Socks) I do something different because I don’t have any stitches sitting the wrong way.
I’ve also used theFigure 8 Cast On.

There are others. Do you have a particular pattern in mind?

ETA Since Jan can’t link to youtube right now, here are some Turkish Cast On videos for you.

I found a pattern for baby booties… but I don’t know where they were and the pattern was simply infuriating… i’m trying to find a simple in the round baby bootie pattern I can do magic loop… I love magic loop!

It sounds like basic socks would be your best bet. Ravelry has a lot of free patterns.

xD i’m looking for bootie patterns, with 2 babies on the way, my big brother’s and my older cousin’s, I’m trying to do whatever I can to help them

i’m gonna do a pair for my cousin’s first, I’m in the middle of that one, it’s a flat peice

These are magic loop.

those are pretty! I need to pick up worsted weight baby yarn asap!

I love the toe up “Judy’s Magic Cast on” and Liat Gat has an entire video playlist with step by step instructions for toe up socks on youtube.

Also there is a rounded toe increase on Ravelry published by Tanja Murray that gives a nice round toe as opposed to the longer pointier toe that is in traditional toe up patterns.

Thanks, Trish, I’m going to give that toe a try. I have some natural wool sock yarn from WEBS just calling my name!

I honestly hate any cast-on where I can potentially stick a toe through, when the sock is finished.

I usually form a short-row toe, by doing a provisional cast on of half the required stitches (measure the ball of your foot - get gauge). Then short rowing my way up the toe, until I have about an 1 1/2 or so worth of stitches left, and then increasing my way back down. Then I’m left with the front side that I cast on, and a back side of an equal number of stitches. And all I have to do is release my provisional, pick up, and start knitting the foot. NO HOLESes in my toeses!

I personally don’t like doing short rows or provisional cast on (this may change.)

I think I could manage Turkish or Judy’s but don’t the increases have to mirror, a la a top down sock?

I’ve seen a video for this and wondered why do it that way. It’s another thing I must try. I’ve not had problems with holes my toes go through from the cast on but I do sometimes get a bump that bothers my left little toe; maybe this would eliminate the bump that bothers me. The end stitches of the cast on don’t always look like I want them to after I knit into them and maybe this would cure that too. Hmmmmm.

I’ve never had holes in my toes. What I started doing was just using KFB for increases on toes. It looks great and you never notice it. You just have to work it so you do the increase on one side one stitch in so they end up in the same place.

Here’s what I do which is a rounded wedge toe using magic loop for [U][I][B]MY[/B][/I][/U] size-

Using turkish toe cast on I cast on 16 (which puts 8 stitches on each needle)

  1. Increase row- *(KFB, knit until 2 stitches remain on needle KFB, K1) repeat from * on other needle
  • Repeat increase row [B]every row until 18 stitches[/B] are on each needle

  • Knit 1 row plain, followed by increase row. [B]Repeat until 24 stitches are on each needle[/B]

  • Knit 2 rows plain, followed by an increase row. [B]Repeat until you reach your ultimate stitch count[/B].

My ultimate stitch count was 28 stitches on each needle or 56 total. If you need more then repeat the final rows till you reach it.

I got this from my pattern and I chose the rounded wedge because I have Flinstone feet. :teehee: You get the idea though about increases if using KFB.