Toe up-AGAIN!

#1 Cast on 12 stitches using the backward loop method.
#2 Knit 1 row, the yarn tail and the ball of yarn are on the same edge now. (Now, call the needle holdiing these stitches needle 1.)
#3 Flip over, work so the cast on edge faces “up” and the yarn is to the right. Hold the yarn you are going to knit with back and away from you. Take cast on tail and bring it over the yarn and then drop it betweeen the yarn you will knit with and the needle. (You’re just twisting things here.) With two DPN’s pick up and knit stitches 6 from from the first four loops on the heels of the cast on row; call this needle needle 2. Repeat; call the new needle # 3.

I get number’s 1 and 2…but I’m LOST at number 3??? can you help?

This is with the “sockulator II” calculator…I’m winging it right now…but I’d like to make sure I get it right…I’ve emailed the designer, but she’s not gotten back to me.

THANKS!!! I hope to get these socks done this weekend, but it’s a smidge hard if I can’t even get started…lol…

Sounds like a PITA! Maybe you should try this toe up cast on instead.

SHe did email me back with the directions…but this…this is BEAUTIFUL!!! and ANOTHER reason to by more circular needles!!! lol… :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :muah: :muah: :muah: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Glad you got it figured out! I really like doing my socks on circs too.