Toddlers and knitting

The two really don’t seem to mix. My lovely 2 yr old daughter 3 times took my dpns out of the sock I’m working on. :wall: Three times I managed to get everything back on the needles without loosing any stitches - thank goodness! It wouldn’t really be so bad, except she then used the needle to stir my coffee :doh: Now my needles are all sticky. But the sock is all good! lol

:teehee: maybe you should kid proof everything by putting less sugar in your coffee from now on. :wink:

I feel your pain! my 2 year old takes my yarn and unravels my knitting to wrap it around the baby (almost 5 months)…kids geeze. And today he took one of my dpn and pretended he had long hair and was using it as hair stix-I just shook my head.

Less sugar? NOOOOOOO! If nothing else, I’m learning to put stitches back on the needle and to pick up stitches. At least she didn’t unravel this time.

You could always let the little one pick out a ball of his or her very own yarn, and give him/her some chunky needles to play with while you two “knit” together. I did that with my youngest one, and it seemed to work OK.

My middle one is 5 and she’s knitting for real now, it’s so cute. I ought to post a picture.

I thought about that, until she tried to poke the 11 month old in the face with a needle. She’s not yet ready.

Oh, well darn it! Hmm… maybe she can knit with popsicle sticks? hehe.

I’m sure that there is something she could use. I never thought of popsicle sticks. Hmmm

I don’t know how, but my 19 month-old has seemed to get the drift that my knitting stuff is hands-off. But not to tempt things, I put my baskets out of his reach when I’m not knitting.

The higher I put it up, the higher she climbs. LOL I did give her a small hunk of cheap yarn and a set of plastic chop sticks today. She LOVED it. Granted, all she does is poke at the yarn, but she left my stuff alone!

TOTALLY awesome, yarnfreak! I’m glad she had a good time with it. I do hope you’ll post a picture of her “knitting”.
Funny story about kids and knitting: I’ve been telling everyone today that at last, my 5 year old can tie her shoes, bows, and ribbons all on her own, and we’re so VERY proud. Then, it suddenly dawned on me…I taught her to knit nearly 8 months or so before I taught ther to TIE HER SHOES! :rofling: :roflhard: :rofling: Talk about your priorities…sheesh!

That’s why they have velcro on shoes, right? So you can teach them something useful? LOL

:shrug: I guess! It really just didn’t dawn on me, she’s been wearing sandals for about a year straight. Her very most favorite pair, ya know? Heck, if nothing else, she can knit herself some velcroe shoes, lolol

A picture of my daughter with her “knitting” (hopefully I added the picture correctly! Oh, and pay no mind to the rip in the chair. lol)

AWWWW! :muah: :yay: :star: :yay: Gold stars and applause for our newest knitter!
:star: :yay: :star:

Toddlers are really good for learning how to fix “mistakes” like dropped stitches, rows being unravelled partially… etc.

sigh… Ihave been there! :slight_smile: I did give him his own needles and yarn and he loves to knit. He tells me what he’s making… sometimes it’s a scarf, sometims a hat… LOL! :slight_smile: :heart:

She just thought it was the neatest thing to have her own supplies. She even watched while I showed her knit stitch. Didn’t get it, but I figure over time it might sink in. lol


It will! I did the same thing and my daughter loved it. She’s 4 now and can knit if I’m right there with her to help, but she does most of it. :cheering: :yay:

My 1 year old is trying to figure out how to get my bag open. Maybe I should get a pad lock for it! :?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get them started young! xxx