Toddler leg warmers

I found this pattern for leg warmers and kinda adapted it but thought it was really cute. My daughter loves it. You can do it in 2 colors or multiple colors. I did 2 colors but the pattern called for 4 colors (did not write them down just the pattern). I will write down the pattern that I did though.

Size 8 needles. I did them on straight needles but now I am trying one in the round. I think I like it better. You can do it either with straight or 4 dp needles.

CO 34
K1 P1 for 6 rows in MC
K next row with MC
st st till desired length

Begin with 3 rows in CC increasing in middle of 2nd row.
2 rows MC
1 row CC

3 rows MC (increase 2nd row)
2 rows CC
2 rows MC
1 row CC
repeat until desired length is achieved.

(After a certain point I stopped doing the pattern and just did it in the MC from about knee up to the end)

K1 P1 for 6 rows
bind off.
If on straight needles leave a long enough strand to sew up seam.

I am fairly new at this and my little notes might not make sense but I think this pattern is right. My daughter is a little over 30 lbs and doesn’t have very chunky legs. I think this pattern can be adjusted to fit different sizes though and is pretty stretchy.

I can’t upload as I do not know how to resize my pics, sorry!!

What kind of yarn did you knit with? I have a chunky 5 month old and thought this might be just great for her, but I don’t want it to be too tight on her legs. What a great idea for a project, thanks