Toasty Twisty (free pattern!)

Hey everybody–
I just designed this quick scarf and am posting the pattern here in case you want to make them for Christmas gifts. This is really, really warm. I did not use any yarn I want to name here to make up the pattern, but suffice it to say that if you use a nice worsted weight, soft yarn it will be nice. Good for kids and adults, male and female. It’s cabley but also reversible, with no ugly side! The ends flare nicely as the pattern draws up the fabric somewhat in the body of the scarf.


Materials: 6-8 ounces worsted weight yarn (depending on length you want)
Size 10 knitting needles
Gauge: Not crucial

Note: Slip first stitch of every row as if to purl.

Stitch Explanation: RT (right twist). Knit next 2 stitches together, but do not slip off left needle. Knit into first stitch again, then slip both stitches off the needle.

Cast on 34 stitches.

Rows 1-4: Knit (see note above)

Row 5: Slip 1, K 1. (P2, K2) 8 times.

Row 6: Slip 1, K1. (RT, P2) 7 times. RT, K2.

Row 7: Slip 1, K1. (P2, RT) 7 times. P2, K2.

Row 8: Slip 1, K1. (K2, P2) 7 times. K4.

Repeat rows 5-8 until scarf is desired length.

Knit 4 rows. Bind off.

That’s very pretty. Thank you for posting it–it’s in my bookmarks, now! :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

thanks so much for sharing :happydance: :happydance: I love it :wink:

Here’s a close up of the stitch detail because it doesn’t show much in the first picture. Both sides look the same:

:cheering: It’s lovely, thankyou, I’ll bookmark this one :cheering:

Glad you like it!
I’ve been organizing my designs and putting them on my website as well.

HEY…check out THIS PAGE!!

Wow, just like magic! LOL.
That was sure quick.
Something tells me an elf named Kelly had something to do with this… :cheering:

Awesome! Looks like a cable that even li’l 'ol me could do!

It’s just beautiful, and I was in the mood to try a new scarf pattern. Thanks for sharing it with us! :mrgreen:

oooh that’s beautiful! Thank you for posting that!

I could tell you for certain, but I wouldn’t want to spill the beans. :lol: I love this scarf!

Oh, go ON… :shifty:

Well, if you insist.

It was Kelly…she made sure to let me know very quickly!!! (Go Kelly go Kelly go Kelly go!) :smiley:

NO that’s not what I MEANT!!! :roflhard:

I was saying (while waving my hand in a downward motion) Oh, go ON!!! You know? Like “Oh, THIS old thing???” or, “Stop it or youre gonna make my HEAD swell”! THAT kind of “GO ON”!! :roflhard:

I dont need ALL the glory! I want to SHARE!! :mrgreen:

Oh, I see! Should I erase my post? :wink: Thanks Kelly, for letting me know about it, though…I have so many places to check I don’t get to it right away, and thank you, Yvonne, for the wonderful scarf pattern!

THANKS Yvonne! I really like that scarf and also it’s pretty easy…I’ll definitely try it. :smiley:

That is a beautiful scarf!! I want to do it for my mom.
Question though, every k st do I have to do the RT explained above?
Sorry, I am still learning. :blush:

Thanks for sharing!

No, not a RT in every K stitch. The twists are only done on the second and third rows of the main body pattern, on the two knit stitches as they appear on those two rows. The other two rows are K2, P2 with the knit selvedge stitches.