toaster cover

WOW … out with the old … let’s cover up the new !!
forty years (or more) and the cord when spark spark fizzle…
so … fifteen + years on the shelf and
wow … it’s like getting a brand new oversized toaster …

of course … the old quilted cover is too small…

any ideas on how to KNIT a new one?

I only found one pattern on Ravelry. It might give you some ideas for how to make one and design your own. It seems fairly easy.

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thanks, Jan !!!
that’s the idea I started with … using the flat version of ‘diamond drops’ instead of garter
found the pattern in Potter Craft’s book 400 knitting stitches…
this Ravelry pattern uses the ‘diamond drops’ stitch in-the-round :
hmmm maybe it will work!!
appreciate your help!!

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moving right along … graduated to a linen stitch: Speckled Rib (from 400 knitting stitches by Potter Craft) I have two variegated cottons - one dark - one bright (neither worked alone … together: just right!!! coming up to the top and considering going over like the Easy Toaster Cover pattern suggests … or making a v-type box cover… with the ends coming up to the top too… like four triangles coming together to form a rectangle … ((the Easy Way is most probably the most efficient way… any triangle ideas?? searched ‘containers’ … just came up with the idea …

like this:
Ravelry: Toward Center Mitered Dishcloth pattern by Meeta Jairam

I like the first Ravelry pattern because viewed from the end, it looks like a loaf of bread.

Linen stitch is fun to work and can be addicting. It’s a lovely pattern.



If I was knitting one of these, I would probably knit a tubular style double-knitting pattern big enough to fit over the toaster. It’s basically just work one, slip one across each row and an open tubular bind off.



thanks!! good idea!!

You’re welcome. If you do try it, let us know how you get on!


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