To Wash or not to Wash?

I just finished knitting a very basic baby blanket for my nephew. I just knitted 7 x 7 square colors and sewed them together. Should I wash the blanket before I send it to her? Honestly, I’m scared it will fall apart lol I just don’t want the edges to curl on her, but I did not do any stockinette stitches in it, just plain knitting.

I always wash my knitted stuff before donating or gifting. It helps get rid of pet hair, dirt and body oils from knitting.

If you’ve woven the ends in good you should be fine. Garter stitch doesn’t curl so no problem there. :thumbsup:

Ok, thank you for the reply. I’m terrified to wash it. I just have a plain old washer, what setting do I put it on? Cold/cold? And what about drying? The yarn is super bulky mostly acrylic and wool.

Cold should be fine, even lukewarm, and dryer is okay on medium heat, or only leave it in until it’s just dry.

I only handwash FOs…paranoid they will unravel in a washing machine…

They won’t unravel. The ends should be woven in through 3 or 4 sts, and that will secure them.

Sue, Probably O.K. with your washers. Like NooB I hand wash any delicates because my old washer has just one speed. SHRED! Jean

Mine just has one speed too, I just don’t leave them in long.

OK, so think about this – your sister/SIL is going to wash the blanket eventually. Maybe not in the first week but soon. Do you want her to do the first machine washing and then the the blanket falls apart?? I’d machine wash it first to make sure it won’t fall apart on her!!

Do you still have the yarn label? Does it say it’s machine washable? Likely is if it’s mostly acrylic.

I washed the blanket. The blocks themselves were fine, but there are a lot of holes in between where I sewed the blocks together. I must not have weaved the ends in tight enough. The blocks themselves were fine though. At first glance I wanted to cry with all the holes I saw, but after a more careful inspection it isn’t as bad.

I sewed those things together tight too. I’m surprised there are so many holes :frowning: I’m going to patch it up and hope that it will stay for when she washes it again. I washed and dried it on what the label said for the yarn.

The holes could possibly be from sewing them together too tight, pulling on the yarn too much; that makes the sts pull and causes holes. You might try sewing them together again more loosely.