To use fair isle or intarsia??

Hi, can anyone tell me if for the larger sections you would use intarsia? I’m leaning towards no, as it’s a repeating pattern and would mean loooooads of ends to sew in! Thoughts?

It’s actually a combination of stranded or fair isle knitting and intarsia. The pattern probably recommends where to use the two.

You can just see the wrong side of the sweater in this project and see how the two techniques were worked. Not a simple project.

Unfortunately the pattern doesn’t say! But thank you for the link - that’s helped :slight_smile:

That looks like all fair isle to me… :confused:

From what I can see of the inside, it looks like the background portions are worked in intarsia with the flowers stranded. Some projects look like stranded knitting was used throughout but you’re carrying 3 colors and that’s a pain.
Jan, it does look like a stranded pattern but at least the tags for the project indicate both techniques.

Oh I see. Yikes! It’s really pretty though!