To slip or not to slip?

hi, new user and need help!

i’m working on a cathy carron shawl pattern (grecian turn) and have come up with a bit of a problem.

i’m working over 132 stitches.
the first and last 17 stitches are straight forward but the remaining 98 are a lace pattern which is done via a chart, which i can’t add so will try to recreate:

over a 7 stitch repeat, on every knit row; knit 2, sk2p, knit 2, yarn over, no stitch.
over a 7 stitch repeat on every pearl row; purl 6, yo.

i get the sk2p, but the yo, no stitch has me stumped. i have been ignoring the no stitch and reading as; knit 2, sk2p, knit2, yo, knit2, sk2p etc, but not convinced that this is correct. i have additional stitches that don’t fit the pattern repeat when going into the 17 stitches at the end of the row and wondering if i should be slipping the no stitch?

Can anyone clarify?

[I]Sussed it!! it wasn’t until i had posted that had the brain wave and resounding DOH! moment. Slip the no stitch as it is the yo stitch on purl row.[/I]

Hi and welcome!
OK, if that all makes sense with your stitch count, then you should be good. The “no stitch” boxes are just ignored or skipped. They’re usually there to hold a place in the chart where there was a decrease in the previous row or where there will be an increase in a following row. Your pattern has a net decrease of one on the knit row and then an increase of one, the yo, on the purl row.
Good luck with it!