To Sheldon

:waving: I just wanted to thank you for all that you have accomplished here! :slight_smile: :balloons:

We’re very grateful for all of your hard work. :cheering:

Oh, and the new buttons are rather snazzy!! :thumbsup:


I totally second that!

From one techy to another… you’re doing some cool stuff on here!


And I’ll third it. And I’ll try not to be bitter at your computer for not pickin me…sniff. :roflhard: :rofling:

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: [color=red][size=7]SHELDON ROCKS[/size][/color] :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

:thumbsup: Sheldon in the First Man of KH, a colony of the Nation of Yarnia, The Honorable Amy, Queen and Ruler of Purldom!

Thanks Sheldon for being a great part of something that so many people value and enjoy and for sharing your talents with Amy. You both should be very proud! We thank you immensely!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Sheldon says this is his favorite thread ever!! :happydance:

Y’all are so sweet. He’s soakin’ it up. Thanks everyone!

Ditto what everyone has said. Did you all see that cute happy birthday KH graphic up there? So neat.
Amy, you are lucky and blessed to have a husband who takes such a genuine interest in a passion you have, enough to actually participate.
You two are a great team.

Thanks Yvonne. I love working together with Sheldon on anything, it’s always a high. :heart: We’ve definitely got the “team” thing going. I love that about us!!

Who else besides me thinks that Amy and Sheldon are due for an evening with candles, flowers, a roaring fire, a nice cheesecake and bottle of champagne to celebrate KH?
Come on, you guys!

I agree, Yvonne! :slight_smile:

You, gorgeous couple that you are, should definitely go out and celebrate this anniversary. :thumbsup: :balloons:

You have both touched the lives of so many as is evidenced by this forum alone - and that’s just for those who actually MAKE it to the forum. I had been using this site as a teaching tool for almost three months before i ever even ventured to the forum! :rollseyes:

We who are professional educators are always saying, “If i can reach just one student i’ve done something worthwhile”. Well, you’ve not only helped many to learn something new in their lives, but you’ve brought together new friends who would never have met. It is no small feat what you’ve done - it merits a celebration. :balloons:

Well done! :cheering:

And yes, Sheldon, you are THE MAN! :wink: Thanks!! :thumbsup: :present:

Now, go get your fancy duds on and make some plans!! :slight_smile:


:happydance: :cheering:
Go Sheldon Go Sheldon!

You definatly deserve a round of applause for all you do here :smiley:

i have to agree…you guys obviously make a wonderful team and we are all the better knitters for it!

My two cents, too. Obviously the people here are the best, but there’s something about the whole package–it’s a welcoming, downright pretty place to hang out. The way everything is laid out, sized, formatted–perfection!!

Thank you!!! :cheering:

Sung to the tune of “Mickey”

Oh Sheldon you’re so fine
you’re so fine you blow my mind

Oh Sheldon you’re so fine
you’re so fine you blow my mind

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

jammin to Femmy’s music



Oh Sheldon
KH is so pretty
We dont understand
How you write codes for videos
that teach us how to strand
Oh Sheldon
Its a pity
we can’t shake your hand
Its guys like YOU, Sheldon!
That let us knit, Sheldon
Purl, Sheldon
Dont crash the server, Sheldon!

:roflhard: Y’all are the nuttiest ones. EVER. :roflhard: I sang every syllable of that wonky song completely involuntarily. Nuts. :roflhard:

Oh yes…the very important topic at hand…

I agree Sheldon. Well done! You rock the bells, man. :cheering:

You rock the bells

Is it wrong that I read rock the balls as opposed to bells? Elementary school here I come! :roflhard:

Nah! You’ve just been hanging around here too much! :roflhard:

too true Ingrid, too true