To make a sweater?

Just how hard is it to make a sweater? What is the hardest part? I’m thinking that may be my next project. Maybe a child size for one of my girls.

Really, it’s not that hard. Choose a simple pattern for your first one, and look through it to make sure you understand all the stitch directions. If it’s obscure about the arm shaping or the neck, look for another one that is clearer to you. Making a child’s sweater for your first is a good idea – not such a big investment in time or money.

The hardest part? That differs with different knitters. Things that can throw you: shaping that isn’t explicit about how to reverse right side versus left side decreases. Picking up and knitting. For me, the most difficult part was sewing everything together. If you can find a sweater that is knit in one piece in the round, you can eliminate all sewing but eight stitches or so under the sleeves. If you decide to go with a sweater that you have to sew up, be sure to look at the mattress stitch directions on this site – very helpful.

Don’t be afraid – the only way you’ll get the experience you want is to try it. You might mess up and have to reknit, but you won’t endanger anyone and you won’t hurt yourself (barring some freak accident with the needles…). And remember: every mistake you make is an opportunity to learn a new thing about knitting.

And if you run into any difficulties, come running to this forum – that’s why we’re here!

Yes, make it simple, avoid patterns with set in sleeves (they have instructions like `shape sleeve cap’). A top down is easiest, there’s a pattern generator for them at that’s good for all sizes. There’s also one for a drop sleeve sweater - where you seam the sleeves to the sweater, but they’re straight rather than shaped.

I just finished my first sweater, check it out!

It was really pretty easy since it was just loads of stockinette and no real shaping. It took me forever b/c I tended to get bored with it. It was a great first sweater though. The worst part for me was seaming :ick: I recommend going for a top-down raglan! No seams and you can try it on as you go for knitspiration :slight_smile:

I just finished my first sweater in 18mo toddler’s size. It wasn’t hard at all. When I got stuck not understanding the pattern I just posted here and my questions were answered. There’s always someone to help walk you through it.

Pure and Simple
Top Down roll cuff for women
only change I did was cast on DOUBLE 11 stitches, instead of casting on 12, then picking up 10 later (or verse vice)

you can adjust for longer and shorter sleeves, or trunk
I am making another one for my 12yo daughter


They are fairly easy. I think the thing that daunts most people is the size and sleeves (and possibly button holes - easy peasy!) Just stick to the pattern and ask here if you run into problems. We’ll hold your hand. Well, maybe not your hand, 'cause you need that to knit with.

yea definetly knitting the sweater is the easy part. its putting it together that’s the hard part. and its more that its time consuming because you want it to look and feel right

ECB, that sweater looks great. I am going to start my first sweater after I finish a few projects. I am looking forward to learning something new.

I found a book at my local library that I really like. It’s The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee. I liked it so well I bought a copy and have made several sweaters using the book as reference. I also have another book that is nothing but stitch designs. It’s a lot of fun to design your own sweater and work it all in one piece in the round. I find I often like part of one pattern and then another part of a different pattern and trying to blend them using a yarn not recommended by either leads to interesting results sometimes.

Thanks everyone sorry I didn’t get back sooner I’ve been out of town. The pic of your sweaters look great. I have one sock to finish and I’m almost done with my poncho after those I going to do the sweater. I have a great library so I’m going to look an see if they have that book recommended. The sweater generator is cool but I think I need to do a pattern first to get the hang of it. Then I might could move on to the generator??
Love this site! If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be able to knit!