To Frog or Not to Frog (Sock)

OK, here’s the start of my first toe-up sock, it’s from our
Cable Sock KA…it’s The Kaylee

I started it with size 4 needles, others on the KA thread (more experienced at socks than I) said the needle size was too big…that it should have been sizes 1-3. I started a swatch with size 1 and didn’t really see a big difference.

I hate to frog it, but am willing if it will make a better/nicer sock.


What say you experienced knitters???

Just from the look… I’d say no. But I’ve never done that sock or that pattern. Perhaps the issue comes “down the sock?”

The last time I was wondering if I should frog, everyone said “if it bothers you that much, frog it! It will always bother you.”

Does it fit? If it fits, leave it! If it’s a little big, it will stretch, so frog it.

Nope. Fits perfectly. I think everyone with more experience was just saying the stitches wouldn’t be tight enough. And since I have about as much experience WEARING hand-knit socks as I do MAKING them…:roll:I figured some of y’all could tell me.

If the sock fits, wear it.:thumbsup: