To form a ridge?

well I am in hope that someone will help me with this, I am trying to make this for mothers day… but anyways it says
Next row [ws] [with left neeedle , pick up purl bump of next st 6 rows down ,p this st tog with next st on needle] to end of row this will form a ridge side of work.

:thinking: :thinking: :?? :??

This is where I am lost where do I pick up the stitch??
I am knitting this
I hope someone can help me I need to make about 5 of them before mothers day
Thank you Jenifer :XX:

Okay, count back six rows from the row on your needle. Take the embroidery floss and thread it through the purl bumps on that row, so that you can keep track of the stitches to pick up. You are trying to bring that row up to make the ridge.