Am I going nuts, or does it really say “Turning the Heel” under my name? :roflhard:

I havent seen anyone else with that…

Does it have to do with that fantasy football thingie?

Now I have one too! Amy’s gone off her rocker :chair:

do I have one too ?. do we all?.

look under you user name next to your post! we have new designation! too cool that they are sock related :teehee:

:teehee: We were wondering how long it would take you all to notice! They change according to post count just like junior member, senior member, etc. These are all sock related and are more fun! :cheering:


Haha, that’s so cool. Thanks Mods! :thumbsup:

Hehe! I thought I was going mad too :teehee:

Yay! :cheering:

Cool :cheering:!

:happydance: YAY!!

Thanks :thumbsup:

I just don’t pay attention to those, I hadn’t even noticed until someone mentioned it.


Very cool.

I never noticed either… I’m on the toe! What happens when we get finished, can’t we post anymore? :frowning:

That is too funny!!! So, how many posts do you have to hit until you’ve finished the sock??? :teehee:

Nice to see that y’all have a sense of humor. That’s what I love about this place!


Amy and the mods have been brainstorming these “member rank” titles for quite a while now. We all wanted something fun, but something neutral that didn’t discriminate or cause any elitism. The sock making ranks were the result of that brainstorming, and we’re thrilled it’s getting great comments.

The ranks increase depending on your number of posts, but do not imply anything significant about your participation. [B]It’s strictly FOR FUN![/B] :cheering:

For your information, these are the ranks in order:

Casting On
Ribbing the Cuff
1st Leg of the Journey
Knitting the Flap
Turning the Heel
Working the Gusset
Instepping Out
Grafting the Toe
2nd Sock, I Rock
Sock Yarn Bliss

We do hope you find them enjoyable! I don’t know the actual number of posts to move to the next level though… maybe Amy will chime in on that. :slight_smile:

Personally I think it would be more fun to not know.

Ya know…I’ve gotta agree with you, Mason. There’s something to that “mystery” that makes it more fun…the not-knowing the magic number.

Well at least I’ll be able to complete a sock that way!