Tips on knitting with eyelash yarns

I just bought some Lion Brand fun fur and am working on making a scarf (all garter stitch). Are there any tips / rules of thumb for working with these types of yarns? All of my ‘eyelashes’ keep getting bunched up and trapped in the stiches if I don’t pull them out after every row. :frowning:

Ah, such is the life of the eyelash yarns…when I still used it, I just fluffed it up a bit every few rows.

I made several foofy scarves when I was a newbie…when I was all done knitting, I used the tip of a needle & kinda brushed it back & forth over the surface of the fabric…worked like a charm!

I also met a woman at an LYS once who worked for HOURS pulling all the eyelashes to the FRONT side of the work! :shock: I guess it all depends on how “detail oriented” (cough [size=2]ANAL [/size]cough) you are! :lol:

Keep it loose–use big needles and let it just slide off. And fluff it up like Denise said.