Tips for binding off w/o making it too tight

Hi All,
I’m just finishing a baby blanket and would like to know if anyone has any great tips for binding off to get the correct gauge. Eveytime I bind off I seem to make it either too tight or too loose. I’ve done several test samples to try to get it right, but no luck. If I get it wrong on this blanket edge, it will be quite noticeable and ruin the symmetry.

Hoping someone out there will have a great tip or trick for me. This blanket is a gift, the first knitting “gift” I’ve ever attempted and I really would love to get it looking just perfect.

I’m binding off in a P bind off because my cast on was done with a long-tail knit. I’d like both edges to match as they seem to be more than obvious to the eye. I’d hate to see my carefully crafted project end up too droopy or too squished on the finished bind off.

Thanks again for all your great help!
Lee Lee

Have you tried the 2 over 1 bind off?
You purl 1, purl the next, pass the first over the second and put the stitch back on the left hand needle, then repeat.
It’s a more decorative edge, and I found it to be less firm than my normal bind off.

You could also try the yarn over bind off, but that would create little holes. I guess that’s not what you’re after.

Or just bind off with bigger needles if your bind offs tend to be firm.

I would try on a swatch first, to see how it works for you before ruining your hard work though.

I just asked the same question about a week ago and here is what I got, lots and lots of good info!!

Good luck!

I’ve been told to bind off with a larger size needle on the right. That seems the simplest approach to me.

Hi, LeeLee! :waving:

I discovered something that has helped me tremendously in loosening up my bind off stitches without making the row floppy.

When you pull your yarn through while making the stitch on the left needle, whether it’s a knit or purl stitch, pull the loop out to measure 3/8 up to 1/2 inch. Actually measure it on a ruler, otherwise it’s too easy to revert to small stitches. Once you get the visual perspective of how long you need to pull that stitch out before you take it off the left needle it becomes easier to eyeball it. But in the beginning check it against a ruler.

As you bind off you’ll be able to tell if your row is too loose or too tight and can rip back and re-adjust. Doing this has saved me lots of headaches and once the bind off is done correctly and I pull the piece into shape it’s amazing how nicely it “fits”.

Of course, blocking the piece makes it even nicer.

Good luck and happy knitting. Hope this helps!

Ruthie :knitting:

Thanks to the community for all the wonderful advice. I’ve never once failed to have my knitting problems solved on this board.

Special thanks to HartleysStudio as I read your post and responses to same problem and I think I may try a test swatch of the sewn bindoff since it’s reported to look similar to long tail cast on, which I started the blanket with.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!
Lee Lee