Tip for dealing with forced registration on web sites

I gave legit information on KH’s registration page because it wasn’t overly nosy or intrusive, but boy do I resent it when places like Lion’s Brand want me to register. You know it is so they can spam you to death and sell/give your email address to other spammers too.

One way around this is to use BugMeNot where people who have already registered (probably with bogus information) share user names and passwords. This won’t work on a forum where you need a unique user name to post, but it’s great for reading a newspaper article or downloading a pattern from lion brand.

Another trick is to give bogus address information and an email of whatever@dodgeit.com Then go to www.dodgeit.com and look for the registration confirmation email. It’s free, receive only email that gets trashed automatically after 7 days. So they can spam that email all they want – I never see it.

thanks for that! :happydance:

:thumbsup: Thanks for that information!

What a good idea!

You are my hero for today! I printed this out and am keeping it close by.

The Lion Brand thing ticks me off! If I’m looking for a pattern on KPC, for instance, and get sent to a Lion Brand pattern, I end up on the registration page and it’s sticky! :mad: I can’t use the back button to get back to KPC, so I have to get back by using my favorites list.

I refuse to register for “free” webpage viewing.

If you get stuck like this, just use your back button, which in most browsers will allow you a drop-down-menu, and go back to the site you want to get to. Or hit the backspace key twice kinda fast.

:heart: bugmenot!

It doesn’t work. I just tried. :frowning: I can get back rather quickly, so time really isn’t an issue. It’s the fact that they’ve made the webpage sticky that irritates me. It’s either poor web design or some sort of ploy to get me to register (some sites make stickies on purpose).

TwoLeftNeedles: you are so resourceful ! from now on I’ll use the site to register ! :happydance: