Tiny tots

Latest project on the go. Making a cardagan for grandson with tiny tots wool
Loving the texture

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What a delightful looking yarn! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished cardi.

Yes really pleased at it so far

Oh boohoo. I’ve done the collar wrong. That’s me unpicking today😡

Oh, groan, the collar. Can you rip back to near the pick up row so that you don’t have to start by picking up sts again?
It’s really a darling sweater. The buttons at the cuff are a cut finishing…

Yes I’m unpicking it at the minute. Almost done. The grandkids are are on there way so won’t get much done this afternoon lol

That’s for sure but what fun to have them around. Lucky you!

Yes thankyou. I have 2 girls and 2 boys grandkids another on the way. I have 2 today coming