Time to move on from Lion Brand?

I want to make this long cardigan that is featured in the new Knit.1 magazine. Probably not a good choice for my first sleeved item of clothing, but it called out to me. Anyway, it’s made using Lion’s Homespun. I make a checked throw out of that and it sheds and sloughs off fuzz horribly. I don’t really want to leave a trail of fuzz as a sashay around in my fabulous cardigan. So, can anyone suggest another yarn? The cardigan is knitted on size 10 needles. Oh, and being that I live in Texas,
I don’t have much use for wool.

I’m sure that others will be along with some more concrete suggestions but I would say first off if you can get the name of the pattern to us, one of us will check on Ravelry to see what yarn others are using. I would also check some of the great on line sites like WEBS or Knitpicks who have pictures of the yarns to see if there is anything there that you like. You want to look for yarns, probably cotton, that have the same gauge as the yarn used in the magazine.
You will like knitting a LOT more when you knit with something other than Homespun.

Well, you might still be able to use Lion brand, like WoolEase or thick WE. Check out knitpicks.com and elann.com - you’d probably want to use a heavy worsted, slightly bulky yarn, though I’d do it in worsted weight with the 10s. There’s also cotton/acrylic blends that might work.

The name of the pattern is “Long Cardigan”.
How creative, I know… It’s in the Fall '07 issue. I’ll check out those websites. I live in the country, so I rarely make it to Dallas to check out the yarn shops. There is both a Michael’s and a Hobby Lobby not too far away though.

I came up empty on my Ravelry search. I think you are going to get far more bang for your buck out of the internet stores. My guess is once you try them you and the UPS person are going to be on a first name basis.:slight_smile:

Knitpick’s Twirl knits up pretty much like Homespun IME. It is a wool blend, but is much softer than the Lion acrylic. Plus, remember that wool BREATHES acrylic doesn’t. Using Twirl you would most likely get the same look that Homespun does in the pattern.