Time To Knit

but no time to shop.

I delivered my load this morning in Seattle and am killing time at the truckstop in North Bend waiting for dispatch to find me a return load. It seems that freight is slow out of here right now so I will be spending the night here and probably at least part of tomorrow.

Happily, while it hurts my income to sit here, I have plenty of time for knitting. :cheering:

Unhappily, I can’t go explore any LYS, Michael’s, or anyplace else. This truckstop is filled with trucks looking to park for the same reason I’m parked; waiting for loads. I don’t dare give up my parking spot to go shopping or I’ll be stuck without a place to park when I return. Trucks are circling the lot like vultures waiting for a spot to open up so they can swoop into it.

Ah well, I have a small (cheap) yarn stash so that’s no biggie, and I’ll eventually get that cool knitting bag I want. Worst case I’ll order it online although I’d rather be able to look at it and handle it first.

Ok, enough of that nonsense, back to my knitting. I WILL get this scarf finished this century.

welcome to Seattle. :slight_smile:

enjoy knitting your scarf - i hope you get it done soon!

Maybe you could get a bike so you can leave your truck on prime parking real estate and use the bike to go exploring? Just a thought. Happy knitting!

I’m sorry you can’t go shopping… but :cheering: for the knitting time!! :happydance:

Sorry you can’t go shopping, but I’m glad you made it there safely! The weather has been so bad this year in many places!

I drove past that area near North Bend yesterday and we noticed how many trucks were just parked along the road next to the freeway and wondered, “what’s up with that?”. Now I know.

You’ve got internet access and knitting to do. What’s the problem? :??
Ok, ok, no shopping isn’t good, but still. Have a safe trip when you do leave!

:cheering: Knitting time.

Sorry you don’t have a chance to shop. When you get your knitting bag fill it up with yummy yarns and some patterns just to keep in your truck.

Be careful out there, be safe.

You know it’s knid of interesting reading your posts. My dad did long haul truck driving for 18 years. He retired about 4 years ago.

I know what you mean about the parking-especially in down town areas- and being so close to places to see or shop yet never quite making it. Happened to my dad a lot. During his career he traveled all lower 48 and sometimes Canada and I can’t recall, I’ll have to ask, but maybe Alaska got thrown in ther once too. He read a lot too keep busy or would take walks if the area permitted and hang out at the truck stops of course. In some states he could visit relatives and that was always good. I will have to ask if he ever encountered drivers knitting to keep busy.

Good Luck with the knitting and the driving.


Thanks. I’ll get it done one way or the other.

Thanks. I used to carry a bike on my rig, but since the wreck I can’t ride a normal bike, only a recumbent, and it’s too expensive to carry on the back of my truck. I just can’t risk a bike that expensive being stolen in some truckstop.

When I’m at home my bent is my only means of transportation and I ride it everywhere. I call it my Amish Harley. LOL

Yep, knitting time is good. Net access is also good. The weather is always dicey this time of year.

newamy: your dad sound a lot like me. I always go exploring in the places I visit. He probably didn’t see many truckers knitting because many of them probably didn’t knit in public due to insecurity issues.

Hmmm, is there a transit service or at least a taxi you could call for a ride? It may be too expensive, but there’s an idea, if there’s a store nearby. I bet there’s a yarn shop in Issaquah or Snohomish…


ETA: Or maybe I was thinking of Snoqualmie… but nevermind. If there’s no taxi service, anyway, that’s out.

Believe it or not they don’t even have a cab service in this town. I opted for walking the mile and a half to the local tavern for a beer or three.