Time magazine - Does this bug you?

I found this in Time magazine…

“NO IDLE HANDS For the 16-day Knitting Olympics some 4,000 crafty couch potatoes have set a series of stitching goals they want to reach while watching the Games. Charitable projects include making clothes for U.S. pregnancy centers and for tots in Mongolia”

Was “couch potatoes” necessary??? So those sitting on their butts knitting while watching the Olympics are lazy but those kicking back with a beer are not? We are using our brain cells not killing them! I know I’m just picking a fight here but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Oh man…that ticks me off, too! :wall:

Me too. I guess they were comparing us to the skating etc Olympians, but even so, like you said, at least we were doing something!

I didn’t like reading that either :oops:

Well maybe they should have done more research into how many of these knitting Olympians actually WATCHED the Olympics for the first time ever. <raises hand> Even Stephanie herself had a run-in with a bird brain like that during the KO… I remember being just as speechless as she was when reading about it in her blog.

Idiots! couch potatoes indeed, they can’t think up a new insult so they keep using that old one…

Glad I don’t read Time Magazine.

hmph couch potato my @$$!

Ah, what do they know?

essssssssspecially since i do my best knitting from my car! :rofling:


I agree thats kinda wrong esp. when you think about what was the writer doing while watching TV?? :smiley:

Well…that really is RUDE…no more Time magazine for the 4,000 knitters that were mentioned in such a vile manner, I’m sure :shock:

Gee one usually SITS to write. So I guess writers of magazine articles are couch potatoes too??

Obviously this writer takes handcrafts for granted and does not understand that there is actual work involved. He / she seems to think that knitting is more akin to making a wish on a magic lamp.

I will happily write an article, if this writer would knit. Well see who has an easier time of it!! :rofling:

I take issue with “couch potatoes” too.


No doubt the writer is the same sort of person who’d also say “I wish I had time to knit.” :rollseyes:

“couch potato” indeed :?

Just like anyone else, there are knitters who are active and knitters that aren’t. Lumping us all together is like lumping all writers together…

Well I’m glad to see that others are thinking the same way and I’m just not flying off the handle here.

I sent a letter to the editor to let Time know how I feel.

If we all send a few words in - well maybe one of the letters will be printed, an appology made or perhaps the subject will be revisited in a more realistic article.

Drop a note - it does not take long!

Let’s all write Time magazine and tell them it pissed us off.
the address is Letters@Time.com


Seems to me reading Time Magazine is done while sitting. Guess that makes them couch potatoes.

I think they were just going for alliteration… not realizing that they would now be dealing with thousands of pissed off knitters weilding pointy sticks!