Tight stitches

I looked through some of the older posts and found a few tips on keeping stitches loose. But tell me if you know other tips that might help. I read one about pulling the yarn all the way to the fattest part of the needle. I am guilty of not pulling mine all the way and kinda staying on the tip. Could it be why I get them so tight. I try to concentrate on keeping them loose as I go but somehow they always get tight. Any more help? Thanks!

I’ve been trying to think of hints but don’t come up with anything other than don’t hold the yarn too tight and don’t pull the stitches tight once they’re made and on the fat part of the needle. I made a conscious effort to loosen up and not hold the yarn too tight and it’s become habit.

Thanks. I am going to try and stay on the fat part. But I think I’ve seen someone knitting at the very tip with no problems. Scares me, 'cause I feel like they’re going to fall off the end!

Working the stitches at the tips of the needles isn’t a problem and can make things like working two or more stitches together easier. They need to be moved to the larger part of the needle shaft for helping size them. I make sure the new stitch is moved up the needle before making the next one. It will all work out for you, it’s just a matter of getting used to things and having a way of doing it become habit. Some people are tight knitters, some are loose knitters, and there are those that fall in between. If you can comfortably knit and purl and work your decreases and things, that’s really all that matters. You’ll find your comfort zone.

Thanks. If I could train myself to knit looser, I could get more speed without having to struggle to squeeze the needle through a tight loop. I watch the videos and they are just naturally loose stitches without trying!

When I’m knitting in the round I often use a smaller tip for the left needle and the size I need for my pattern on the other end of the cable. Working from the smaller needle is easier for me. It took a long time for me to get to a comfort zone with holding the yarn and not making stitches really tight. I’m just now getting so my tension is fairly consistent. I’ve done lots of stitches, lots of thinking about how I’m doing it, lots of frogging and tinking but I’m getting there. Currently I’ve reverted to hooking. Daughter thinks Granddaughter wants a mermaid inspired afghan and I’m doing it in crochet. It will be a sort of surprise, not trying to keep it secret but not saying exactly what I’m up to. When I get all the colors worked in I’ll put a picture in my blog thread.

What nice Gramma you are! No grands here that young, anymore. :cry: It’s nice that you can do both, knitting and crocheting. I used all my creative juices for graphic/digital art and just recently decided I wanted to try knitting again. I’d like to at least get as far as I did last time I tried it.

Click the link to see what I’ve been doing for the past 10+ years.

Cool! That does look like fun.

A friend and I started a digital graphics group many, many years ago. It’s no longer active . Most of us have moved on to other forms of artistic outlet like knitting and painting. We all used Paint Shop Pro which is the poor man’s version of Photoshop. It was actually a really good program and I still use it for photo editing on occasion. I’ve also dabbled in photography, but I sold my DSLR a few years ago. Arthritis in my spine made it too hard to carry the camera around my neck.