Tiger Eye Lace Scarf

I’m starting this scarf and already I have a question. On row 2 there are 4 yo’s in a row. The only thing I can figure is wrap the yarn 4 times? I went back on a previous post by Lucy78green who has done this scarf, but no one had this question, so if anyone else is familiar with this, please let me know if this is correct. Here’s a link to the pattern:
Thanks everyone…


Yes, that’s what you do…bring the yarn forward and around the needle four times. You will have 4 stitches from this.

Thanks, Mary…I’ll carry on from here.

I have restarted this over and over. I am fine with the 4 YO and have completed the 3 row with success but then the 4th row I am short stiches. Can you help.?

The link to the pattern isn’t working anymore. Do you have another link for it, or can write out rows 3 and 4?

I understand to cast on 31 stitches.
Knit 4 rows.
The Next Row or row 1 would be K3 P25 K3
R0w 2 I can get also. I understand to wrap the yo 4 times and then K the stitch after that to form the 4th stitch.

Row 3 is where I am struggling.

After p7, there’s k1 p1 k1 p1 which are done in each of the 4 YOs from the previous row - knit into the first yo, p into the next one, k into the 3rd, p into the 4th loop, then p 11 and do the kpkp into the next set of 4 YOs, ending with k7.

That worked out but I didn’t think that the pattern read that way. Than you:cheering:

Whenever you have multiple YOs without a stitch between them, you have to work into each loop separately on the next row unless the pattern says to drop them. You can’t purl or knit all of them, you just end up with a hughe hole, so they have to be a combination of knit and purl, or k/p and k/p tbl.