Tiger Eye Lace Scarf

I just wanted to share this pattern because I like it so much : http://www.tmooka.net/blogs/stitchingirl/patterns/tigereyescarf.pdf

It really is pretty, and was fun to knit.

Me, too…I have this pattern printed & in one of my binders, hoping to knit it one day…it’s lovely :wink:

I am thinking of knitting this pattern down the centre of a poncho panel al la “Frida” by Christina Stork? do you think it would work in that setting or would it get lost?

Thank you for sharing that pattern. Its so pretty!! I have knit two lace scarves and I have enjoyed it. I am getting a nice collection of patterns for the next ones that I will be knitting. :happydance: :happydance:

Oooh that’s really pretty! I’m definitely bookmarking that one.

I really love the tiger eye pattern and think i get the idea of how to follow the pattern apart from when it says ‘no stitch’ ie the cells of the chart that are solid grey. If anyone could explain what to do i would be really grateful!

I just made this!

The ‘no stitch’ squares are just there to keep the chart square. Just pretend they’re not even there an go from one stitch to the stitch on the other side of this.

One thing I learned is that on the row after the 4 yo’s in the beginning, watch what you’re doing very carefully. I had to restart several times because as I was knitting and purling these yo’s it was hard to tell what was supposed to slide off and what was supposed to be the next stitch. Just watch, allow one to slide off, and even though the next looks odd, leave it on and knit or purl it. You’ll see what I mean when you get there.

Oooh, that’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

[quote=“Ingrid”]I just made this! quote]

Ingrid, do you have a picture? What yarn did you use?

I used Peruvian Baby Cashmere that I got from Elann a while back. It’s 28 st per inch, so I guess would be considered a fingering yarn. I just wanted to make an accent scarf, so it worked out well with two balls. I isn’t blocked yet, though. It’s supposed to be a Christmas present, so I figure I’ll get around to blocking sometime in December. :rollseyes:

That’s gorgeous Ingrid! I was thinking of using the new Knitpicks sock yarn “Gloss”. I have a friend who I think would really like this. I’m not sure if I should ask her first to make sure, or if I should just do it.

Just do it–surprise her. It was fun and pretty fast–except for that one row.

OK, you talked me into it. And when some extra Options tips and cords fall into my cart, I can just blame you, right?

Of course not–that always seems to happen to me, too! :thinking:

That’s one beautiful scarf ! Thanks for sharing !