Thyroid issues

I’m still waiting on the blood tests but we’re pretty sure I’ve developed (or had really) a thyroid prob. My big question, if any of you can help, is HOW DO I HELP MY HAIR:waah: ??? All of the sudden my poor hair is brittle and breaking off and I’m losing my eyebrows!!! I though at first I wasn’t getting all my shampoo out casue I’ve lost a shower and gained a tuuuuuuuuuubbbbbb (ie old cast iron clawfoot masterpiece:inlove: ) but it is clean and rinsed but soooo brittle and falling out:pout: … any suggestions till i can buy the gallon of jojoba for hot oil???

What type of thyroid problem? I’ve been taking medication for hypothyroidism for a long time.

I’ve not had a problem with my hair or eyebrows though. Well, I do have age related eyebrow issues. :doh: My thyroid problems showed more in cold feet and dry skin. I think once you’re diagnosed and start medication your hair will improve.

Sorry you are going through this. I’ve had Hypothyroidism for several years. My eyebrows are thin and I lose my hair. It’s unavoidable, even with the meds I take. I wish I had something more helpful to offer! Not sure about jojoba. Sorry!!

Only gently comb when it’s full of conditioner, rinse with cool water, braid it for sleeping, treat it gently.

You might look at sites that cater to african american hair. Their hair tends to be quite brittle, so they have to treat it carefully.

Some of the falling-out issues you may have to live with. My sister has complained about how much hair she loses at about 4 months post partum. She’s dreading going through it again with her 3rd pregnancy. It’s just hormones.

Some hints to get you started:
condition well, and look for conditioners for dry/permed/treated/curly hair

don’t wash it every day - 2 or 3 times a week should be enough

be super careful when you brush/comb your hair - with my regular curly hair, I don’t brush/comb it when it is dry, except to finger-comb it.

if your hair isn’t long enough to braid, tie a scarf around your hair when you sleep, and buy a silk pillowcase so it won’t pull at your hair when you sleep

Cool water and braids I can do :slight_smile:

Switching back to Head and Shoulders. Had to quit using yrs ago because it left my hair greasy :mrgreen:
And back to pigtails:roflhard: The students love it when their teacher shows in pigtails even it the admin looks at me weird :slight_smile:

Any suggestions about the water retention? Besides apple juice and tea?

Doc just called…level came back high so I get to go give a bunch more blood (on top of the 6 vials last week) and find out whats up.

All good advice above but it will take time to get your body regulated with your medication. I found out I was hyperthyroid 15 years ago and was given the choice of a thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine therapy. I took the iodine which I now believe was a mistake and although no doctors will say so I believe it contributed to a salivary gland tumor (fortunately benign after taken out) and possibly my breast cancer ( no hereditary problem. Anyway, once they put me on the thyroid hormone I eventually straigtened out although I have a never ending fatigue problem. I take a lot of vitamins. Most people have the opposite problem of hypothyroidism.

I ended up having to go to an endocrinologist to get diagnosed. My levels always came back in the “normal range”, but after deeper testing they found I was getting the normal amount, but my body was not using it properly so I needed a little more.

Even though I don’t have the ‘good’ oil I had a jug of almond oil so I mixed in clary sage, rosemary, and lavender and left it on my hair for 45 minutes last night and it soaked it all up!! and it was a ton of oil. Use head and shoulders and a conditioner. Mom said to get a mask for my hair but w/ not having a shower I question using one??? but this morning after ALLLLL that is the first time in weeks my hair FEELS ok. I know its still brittle and breaking but at least it doesn’t feel awful…oh and the pigtails are back :slight_smile: snappy barretts to hold the bangs that are growing back in and two braids to hold the hair:roflhard:

You could try olive oil, too, I did that yesterday as I have dryness issues etc from hard water and desert-like humidity…

I developed hypothyroidism about 9 years ago. It took a lot of blood tests to get my dosage right, but they finally got it. Unfortunately my hair is still dry and brittle. I have almost no downward slope on my brows (and the rest are very thin). My skin is very dry and I have seasons where my hair sheds. Hair everywhere, and visible thinning on the scalp. My family doc sent me to a specialist, and to make a long story short; it’s the joys of getting older, and I have to live with it.

I want to see the doc NOW!!! the test came back high but he wants to wait a month a retest before giving meds. Now many times I would agree to avoid unneeded drugs but I HURT today. The water retention issues are so bad that the skin hurts and a can barely want on my poor abused feet—not goo when you teach 9th graders— I cant even move the rings on my fingers they are so swollen. I ended up going by the doc on my planning period bawling in pain so he’ll see me tomorrow. Think I’m gonna ask for a referal to an endocrinologist or an internist…i hurt <whimper>

There are some home remedies for water retention that you might want to look into trying - dandelion tea comes to mind first of all. CHECK WITH A DOCTOR FIRST, though, to make sure you aren’t causing more harm.

I hope you get your thyroid issues in control. I had to have my thyroid gland removed in 1999 due to cancer in the gland. I had a tumor in the thyroid gland that was the size of a tennis ball and it was foliccular cancer. It ws getting ready to spread out of the thyroid when it was removed. It had sent out feelers but had not yet penetrated the inner lining of the gland on its way out of the gland. Do not put off getting your thyroid problems taken care of.

My mother developed low thyroid at age 14 and has always had sparse eye lashes and almost no eye brows. I think her hair got thin but not severely. Anyway thyroid medication stopped the hair loss. For years and years she was very talented at applying eye brow make up, she would carefully “paint” it on in a very feathered and natural way. But about 6 or 8 years ago she got her eyebrows tattooed on and loves it. My mom is now 70. She should have done it years ago.

Wait and see what your tests show and what the medicine does, some hair might be restored. Also sometimes under active thyroid has other causes, like gluten intolerance, so it might be good to look into some other things.

I know that something is working. I know the thyroid meds aren’t working yet but the other stuff is!!! I have more energy (taking a b-complex and complete aminos 6-8 hrs after my meds) and when I woke up this morning my feet where almost HALF there normal size—talk about water retention!!! I was sooooooooo happy. Oh course they’ve swollen back up bit still I had NORMAL feet and toes for the first time in YEARS…:woohoo: :rofl: :cheering:

Mine was in the hyper 30.00 range I was going insane. I was crying all the time passing out (sleeping) at work that was embarrassing I had the radiation to remove it we are going on 2 years now I am hypo I have to take 225 mg of leverthoid every day. I just want to feel normal I am just so tired I can not concentrate well. It is getting old :grphug: Hopefully this new dose will correct all of me. My hair was bad anyways due to chemo I was diagnosed with lymphoma about 5 months before my thyroid.

I am hypothyroid and take a miniscule amount of levothyroxine each month. Now my thyrod is enlarged again…was already 1.5 times bigger than it should have been, but it is enlarged on one side. The doctors know I have a nodule there, but it was so small when first detected three years ago that they couldn’t do a biopsy. I am hoping it is nothing.

I’ll pray it is nothing what a persnickety gland Hope all is well


I’m on tons of vits/minerals <fingers crossed> and I’m gonna call a place in Atlanta on Monday that someone recomended. The more I read the more I wonder how long I’ve had this problem and how many of my illnesses this last yr were related. Happily the water pill is working nicely and my feet look almost normal and my ankles are about half the size they’ve been for yrs!!! Its crazy how one little hormone gland can mess w/ sooooooooo much else!!!