Thumbless baby mittens

does any know of any thumbless baby mittens for a 6 month old…

done in staights? :shrug:

I am a self taught knitter so there may be a better way, but I made these by just making a simple rib pattern for the cuff for about 1-2", then stockinette stich another inch before I begin decreases. You make is as wide as you want, then I seamed it down the side with a modified kitchener stitch and attached a crocheted cord to keep them attached to each other and the baby.

Good Luck

These-- I saved the pattern b/c I want to make them, but I am afraid to try mittens so they are just waiting for me, lol…

thank u :hug:

Here’s an easy baby mitt from Knitty Gritty:

Pattern specs are here: Babby Mitts

those are exactly the 1’s i was thinking of!

ohh, yarn looks a little thick though, looks like i’m gonna be messin’ around w/ gauge…