Thumb hole problem

Hi, I am having trouble understanding a pattern that is in an Aldi so crafty wrist warmer kit I was given for Christmas.

It’s knitted on a normal pair of needles, and for the Thumb hole I have to rib so far in, then - move the next 8 stitches onto a stitch holder then backwards cast on another 8 stitches…then I assume I carry on the hand tho the pattern doesn’t actually say anything else after this.

When I try to do this I get yarn stretching from the right needle over to where I have to cast on…which is also tight as the stitch holder is thinner than the needles so how that works I’ll never know… please is there a better way to understand how to do this. I’ve tried without much success to get help elsewhere but I still can’t get past this part.

Part of me says to cut off to cast on then cut off again to carry on the row but can it be done without all that and having loose stitches in the middle of the row? Is it a possible option to rib those 8 stitches then cast 8 onto the right needle then slip them to the holder to carry on without cutting the yarn?

Thank you for any help I have been stuck all day and evening trying to figure this out :frowning:

Don’t cut the yarn, please. I can’t answer your question but I’m sure someone else can.

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This video shows you how to cast on in the middle of your work without leaving a length of yarn or cutting the yarn. You can use the backwards loop but it’s not the sturdiest cast on and the video goes on to show a better way:

Hi Pam1,
I don’t know the pattern you’re using and am just trying to visualise your work. I’m assuming you work righthanded.
You rib to the thumb placement, you slip the next 8 sts off your left needle to a holder ( a scrap of yarn works just as well as a holder and is less bulky and likely to get in the way ) then you cast on 8 new stitches on the right needle which will bring the yarn to the end of the new stitches ready to continue to knit the remaining stitches on the left needle.
There is no reason to cut your yarn to cast on the 8 new stitches, you can backwards cast on or I just turn the work (swap hands) cast on the new stitches and then swap back.
Hope this helps, if not please ask again and someone may be able to make things clearer for you. Good luck with your project

Hi guys, thanks for replying. The only problem I have keeping the cast on stitches on the needle is I’m supposed to have 16 stitches on the holder for making the thumb. The next thumb part is to attach new colour and stocking stich a number of rows before casting off and sewing up. The only way around it I could find was to cast on 8 to the right needle, and move them to the holder before taking the next 8 from the left and cut it to attach again for the rest of the row.

I’m bein told elsewhere the pattern is basically jibberish so I’m sort of trying to wing it to see if it will work.

Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

These are the directions you quote for the thumb. There shouldn’t be 16 sts on the holder, only 8sts. The cast on of 8sts is on the current row, the working row. It’s to create an opening for the thumb, 8sts below the thumb (on the holder) and 8 sts over the thumb which becomes part of the upper hand.

Go to the directions for finishing the thumb opening which should account for the 8sts on the holder.

The next instruction for the thumb is to stocking stitch 16 stitches from the holder for x number of rows, cast off and sew up

You know, I’d bet this is meant to be 8sts from the holder and 8sts picked up from the cast on that you did. That way you have a 3 dimensional circle.
That said, if what you have done works, then go ahead that way. You have the project in front of you and can best judge.

I wasn’t able to find a good photo of the wrist warmers, only this:

Yep, that’s just the photo on the box. I guess coz it’s to be knitted flat it makes it strange? I dunno but I’ll have a go anyway.

Certainly looks great so far. Enjoy finishing up!

Thanks :slight_smile: Fingers crossed haha

So been trying this tonight and way I’ve had to figure it is so fiddly it’s unreal and the place I’m casting from is pulling on the other stitches… have decided with the second one I’ll try just taking the 8 and carrying on with the row then when they go back on the needle to do the thumb I’ll cast another 8 and do the stocking stitch to make the thumb up afterwards. This would hopefully mean then I also do not have to cut the yarn as the hole will still be the same size anyway… I hope…

I like that these are ribbed and would like to do other pairs but need to find a better way to do the holes…

So my inexperience has definitely shown but I tried to make the best of it and this is how it all turned out. I’m sure if I wait to cast the other 8 stitches til I need them it will be much neater but I tried :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Let me know what you think

It works and it looks fine! No one will ever know (we can keep secrets here on the forum).

Thanks :smile:

Agree :wink:
Good job Pam1

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