Thumb hole help

I am doing about the simplest project I have ever done but I’m stuck on something. I’m making wrist warmers with circular needles. I want to have a thumb hole but I don’t know how to incorporate this. I cast on 30 stitches and I’m simply knitting around and around. I like the little rolled edge. I’m at about 5 inches long and now I want to add the thumb hole and then finish off about another 2-3 inches of knitting so they end up in the palm with another rolled edge. Can someone help me.

Thank you!

You can do what’s called an afterthought thumb. You can either pick up these stitches and knit a partial thumb for about an inch. Or you can pick these stitches up and just bind them off right away.

Another easy way to do this would be to knit this back and forth on two needles like a large rectangle. Sew up the side seam leaving a space for the thumb.

What fatoldladyinpjs said. Another thought, though…

I just saw a fingerless mitt pattern online that starts in the round, but when you get to the thumbhole, you work in rows for a bit then go back to working in the round. Since you’re working in stockinette, that flat edge may well roll a bit like the other ends will. If you go with this method, you’ll want to alternate knit and purl rows to stay in stockinette.

Have fun knitting your mitts, and please do let us know how they turn out. We’d love to see them!

I would do what justplaincharlotte said. I think it’s probably the easiest way to make a thumb hole. I actually just made a pair of mitts that way using this pattern. It was super easy. Just stop knitting in the round when you get to where you want the thumb to be-- when you get to the end of the last round, instead of continuing past the last stitch, turn your mitt over, and go back the same way you came, and do a row of purls. Then flip the mitt back to the right side and do a row of knits. Keep going back and forth just as if you were doing rows. Then after 10 rows or so, join the round again, and keep knitting in the round. Easy peasy. Hope that made sense!

Oh, yeah. I remember knitting back and forth when I first started knitting fingerless gloves. Thanks for reminding me. That does work.