Thumb gusset problem

Working on ‘Peekaboo’ convertible mittens. What does (after removing gusset markers) use backward loop method to CO 4 sts over the gap then k to end mean?
This pattern looks so easy and yet here I am asking questions.
Most likely will need help later on again.
Hope you have patience!
Thank you

It means you are going to need to cast stitches back on over where you bound some on, in order to add the thumb. The backward loop method has a video in the cast on section of the videos. I actually prefer using the cable cast on though, because it’s sturdier in my opinion.

About the Monk’s Cord you asked about…I looked it up and it is the same as what is simply called a twisted cord. My husband is the master of this technique and he uses his drill to twist the cord, but here is a site that has instuctions of how to do this by hand. It does make an attractive cord for ties for a baby hat, but after you see it you don’t think you want to do one, you could also do a crochet chain or a fine knitted i-cord for the ties.