Thumb cast on

I’ve always used the knitted cast on ( two needles, if that’s what you call it!) and whenever I have tried to use the thumb cast on, it doesn’t quite feel right when I go to knit the first row! I don’t know how to explain it. There is a longer piece of yarn in between the two needles when I am knitting.

Am I doing the cast on wrong or is it supposed to be like that? Is it like that all the way through your knitting?

Which method are you referring to? I found Longtail Cast-on Thumb Method here and other places it looks like the thumb cast on is the same as Backward Loop Cast-On or do you mean something else? If it’s the backward loop one, you’ll not get a good start with it no matter how much you practice. Thumb Cast On video.

I think it’s the long tail cast on.

Did you learn from a video that you can link to? or written instructions? Names can be hard to pin to a particular cast on and without knowing for sure which one you’re doing, helping is difficult…at least for me.

The backward loop cast-on, which I think of as the thumb cast on, is not a good one except for casting on a stitch or two in the middle of a project. It can create long threads between the stitches and be difficult to knit as you progress down the row.

The knit cast on is a good one, and if you’re comfortable with it, then it’s a better choice.

Many knitters prefer long-tail, and I’m one of them, but it can take a while to master. I had to look at directions for it for a long time before it became automatic.

Sorry - I seem to remember looking at a few videos and books. It’s been a while since I’ve tried it and I’d been meaning to ask this question for ages. I guess I should just stick to the knit cast on because it works for me, I just wondered if a different cast on would give a neater edge.

It’s a great idea to try different cast ons. The knit cast on is a very good one but there might be others out there that you’d like better or like better in certain situations. The backwards loop or thumb loop just isn’t one of them. It doesn’t give such a neat edge and it is difficult to knit into on the firnt row.
But by all means investigate some others.