Thuja, Booga, Fetching, and a bracelet!

This is the stuff I’ve finished recently. I got the idea for the row-counter bracelet from this site but I think mine is way cooler. My sister will have her choice of either thuja or fetching, after which I will make myself a coordinating pair of whichever she chooses, because I like being all cliché and matching with my sister.

Anyways, on to photographs!

great job! :smiley:

You did so great on ALL of those!! Your sister is lucky :smiley:

That row counter bracelet is FAB.

And what yarn did you use for the socks? I think my next pair will have to be in worsted if I hope to finish them both.

I used Classic Elite Flash in color Clementine for both the socks and the mitts. It’s 100% Mercerized cotton, and I just bought ten skeins of it and I used up three and a half for these projects, so I still have six skeins to play with. I thought about making a scarf, perhaps I’ll cable it since I’m so in love with cables now.

Anyways, thanks for the encouragement!

Everything looks great! I :heart: the socks and the bracelet is really cool!

Everything is wonderful :heart:

Everything is gorgeous! :slight_smile:

I love your booga bag! Is that pattern for this on the internet?