Throwing away knitted things?

My son’s dad threw away a pair of mittens and socks I made for my son that don’t fit him anymore. I rescued them. I can’t throw them away. THey were for my son. I made them!!!

SO what do y’all do with knitted items for kids that grow out of them?

Give them to someone who could wear them. Or maybe reknit the yarn into something else.

hang those sweet, well worn things on the Christmas tree. Or make mitten garland :slight_smile: FRAME THEM!

I haven’t gotten to this point yet, but if they are in good condition and have such sentimental value, I’d pack them away neatly and safe from moths and stuff, and save them for grandkids. It would be a useable heirloom. lol.

Or at least pass them on to neices/nephews, friends kids, anyone who could use them at the time.

make a scarf out of the mittens–attach a bunch of them together. Lap blanket? (I’m on a roll…)

heres a picture of one of the mittens

We don’t throw away clothes at all, till they’re totally unusable. Homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters…tons of places would love used handknit items.

I’m a total pack rat and I have “memory boxes” for my kids. Anything I want to keep for them, until they are grown, I put away in the memory boxes. I keep the boxes stashed away in my closet so they can’t get into them and start losing things…lol…So, maybe just keep them safe for him until he’s grown and give them to him then?

Any article of clothing in our house that is no longer worn or needed, gets sent to the local clothing bank. (unless its not wearabl then I cut them up into wipeys) And, also seeins how I do go to the clothing bank about once every three months for our own personal reasons, I just take things with me as well. There is always someone out there that needs things!!! If there is not a clothing bank near you, there may be a womans shelter, mens shelter, thrift store, Catholic Charities is always lookiing for stuff!!! I know it is a pain in the rear keeping a box of stuff waiting to go, but it is well worth the effort to someone in need:heart:


Years ago I sewed and knitted several items for our two oldest granddaughters. I made the oldest girl a knitted white dress when she was just a baby and her mother used it for her baptism. Just recently I found that our dd saved every item that I made for the girls and gave them to our granddaughters for a keepsake. They love them and I am so amazed that the items I made were so cherished!:muah: :inlove: Who knew!

I save some of them for the grandkids, and some of them get passed down to my niece.

I’m another that never throws away usable clothing. I either donate it to charity or I pass it down to another kid. I have sweaters and dresses (and a wonderful pair of ratty old Osh Kosh jeans that all the kids wore and are perfectly holey now) that are stored away for the kids to hand down to their kids (or to my brother’s if he has any more since all the family’s grandchildren have worn the jeans). It’s such a waste to not recycle good clothing in some manner. I eventually want to get the jeans framed (with my son’s first pair of boxers peeking out) between two pieces of glass. It would make great art!

Why was he throwing out perfectly good clothing? At the very least it could be donated to Goodwill.:??

Some people don’t understand the concept of `reuse/recycle’.

I think this is one of the reasons why he is my X. :teehee: My mantra for this is “we just have different values” (altho I’m tempted to say he’s an idiot. But that’s not nice)

Check with the local school who has kids that the mittens might fit and see if they know of a hard luck family with a little one who has not mittens? I know m kid #2’s school has a “giving train” that we donate gloves, hats and mittens to go to the kids who have none. My daughter is learning that to give to kids who have less than you is a good thing.

:teehee: :teehee: :teehee:

This is called polite laughing. I would love to ROTFL…but that wouldn’t be very nice either. :twisted:

I can’t imagine throwing away clothes! Give them away…find a women’s shelter and donate them. Give them to Goodwill…if they are gently used, there are so many different charities for places like Afghan that are always asking for hats, mittens, scarves, blankets and coats. THROWING AWAY things that can so easily be reused? Oh, I could just smack him!

I second finding a school and donating them.

I do yard duty at the nearby school and let me tell you about the wonderful saints that have knitted up a HUGE box of hats and mitts (school board won’t allow scarves).

It is such a blessing to be able to send in a child with bare fingers and noggin and know I’ve got something to put on those fingers.

It isn’t always because they are under privaledged… more… well they play in the snow… 3 recesses later and you’ve got no dry mitts left!!!

Because we use them for every one, there is simply no stigma attached either. And kids know, Mrs. V. is going to “stick one too them” if they don’t wear their’s so if they don’t like my collection… they make sure they wear theirs while I’m looking at them!

ooh you people recycling and donating are making me all sniffly here at work. Yay for every single one of ya! :muah:

Being a sentimental person, I’d keep them for passing down. But the idea of donating them to a school is splendid. We have a fairly large homeless population in the local school system and they would definitley be put to good use for those kids. Great suggestions!