Throw the wool forward

Can anyone (of you older knitters) tell me what “THROW THE WOOL FORWARD” mean?
"Knit 4, throw the wool forward, knit 1, throw the wool forward, knit 4, knit 3 together. Repeat 7 times."
It is from a vintage knitting book.
Thank you!!

“throw the wool forward” = “make a yarnover”

thank you so much, it makes sense now.

:rofl:I’m not old! :mrgreen:

Anyway … I think that ‘throw the yarn forward’ is probably a way of saying yarn forward (often abreviated to yfwd) which is better known as a yarn over or a YO.

This is an increase created by bringing the yarn forward and around the right hand needle in between stitches creating a loop, or a new stitch, in the right hand needle.

directions and a video for a YO can be found on the increases page of the videos