Three loops for one cast stitch?

Hello all!

I’m just beginning to knit and find the videos on here really helpful yet when following the continental cast on instructions I’m getting 3 loops on my needle instead of the one that appears in the video. What’s going on? If this is normal, how do I proceed from here when attempting to knit stitch? Do I go through one or all of the loops for every cast stitch?

So confused.

You shouldn’t get 3 stitches per cast on, so something is going wrong for you.

Here are some still pictures of cast-ons, so maybe that will help; or try one of the other methods just to get you started. Not the backward-loop, though, that one doesn’t give you a good start.

There’s going to be one loop from the slip knot, you count that as your first cast on stitch. Then they should go on one at a time. If you’re doing the longtail cast on, make sure you slip the thumb yarn off the needle.

Hm. Okay. So when I do the slip-knot/backward loop version I can’t seem to incorporate the bottom slip-knot into my row; it just falls away.

Those stills helped a lot! Thanks.