Thread through remaining stitches


I am knitting an animal and doing a tail. I have made up the tail in full. it now says for the tail thread through the remaining stitche’s using a tapestry needle what does that mean please explain the method thanks


This may be helpful :grinning:


Thanks very much for the explanation it explains it nicely


My pattern says ‘cut yarn leaving a long tail, thread tail onto tapestry needle and thread though remaining stitches then fasten off.’ My question about the above is why you would want to thread tail onto a tapestry needle when you have a knitting needle to use? Is fastening off the same as a cast off?


No, if you cast off as usual instead of threading off with a tapestry needle you will not be able to gather in a cast off edge tightly enough and it will look much bulkier, nowhere near as neat a finish as when you thread off the stitches with a needle!!


My pattern quotes ‘cut yarn leaving a long tail, thread tail onto tapestry needle and thread though remaining stitches then fasten off.’ My question about the above in quotes is as follows… does this mean weave in loose yarn ends at the back of your work and then cast off after sewing the loose yarn?


You will now have X amount of live sts on your needle. You cut the yarn attached to these sts, thread this tail onto a tapestry needle and, using the tapestry needle, thread this yarn through the remaining live stitches which you gather in tightly and fasten off with the tapestry needle. It’s the same way you fasten off a hat, this video shows how to do it from 13mins on(I think)


It is also the same idea as in the link at the top of this page which I sent in reply to your initial question ’ How to ‘pull through’ to cast off by Amanda Berry


Hi have asked this question a number of times and still not got anywhere yet. I wish to understand how to ‘thread the knitting tail through remaining stitch using a tapestry needle.’ Someone send a link from Amanda berry trying to explain what i asked today but it did not work i tried that technique already maybe i am still not understanding it. The link they sent was:
Maybe it is something i am not quiet getting still stuggling. Then someone set a hat video afterwards that technique did not work to awnser todays question. I am making a animal by the way.


Essentially you are to gather the sts together on a strand of yarn, like beads on a string.
Cut the working yarn leaving about a 6-10" tail. Thread the yarn tail through a tapestry needle. Now slip the sts one by one from the knitting needle onto the tapestry needle and let them slide down onto the yarn strand… Once all the sts are off the knitting needle and on the yarn strand, pull the yarn strand tight to close up the sts. Then you can tie a knot to secure the sts and later, weave in the yarn strand into the back or inside of the animal.
The yarn strand is going to be more flexible than the knitting needle and allow you to pull the sts into a small, tight circle.
What is the name of your pattern?


Destiny the dragon is the name of my pattern its shaped into a teddybear. Thanks salmonmac you have made it sound straightforward i have threaded beads on a necklace before…so now i can relate this to thread remaining stitches using a tapestry needle. Thanks for your help and support and not giving up on my post. Yes i spent hours successfully knitting not only to understand a simple thing