Thoughts on Noro Kureyon?

Naturally, I’ve heard tons and tons about this magically self-striping yarn, but whenever I feel it in a store it feels really rough and scratchy to me. But I’ve been itching for a bigger, more long-term project (which is hard for me, since yarn is expensive), and the lizard ridge afghan from Knitty seemed like a great thing for me to work on once in a while when I get a new ball and then put away. It’s beautiful and colorful and seems great for a dorm room. But I have a lot of reservations about Noro – as I said, it seems really rough to me, and I’ve heard that once you wash it it gets softer, but is the change significant? And what is the best way to wash/block it to get softness out? I’ve also heard it felts well – do you think it might be a good idea to felt the panels before seaming them? I’m up for anything, I love this afghan. :slight_smile:

I avoided the Noro yarns for years because I didn’t like the way they felt on the skein. The colors finally lured me in, though. I’ve used Kureyon, and it does feel better when you knit with it. Now I will be sure to use it again. I made a sweater which is not done, yet, so I don’t knot what will happen when I wash it. It doesn’t feel prickly, just wooly.

However, of the two, I prefer Silk Garden. It, too, feels not-so-good on the skein, but feels much better when you knit it, and improves greatly after it’s first soak. The colors are just magnificent, too. has sales on Noro all the time.

I love the Lizard Ridge pattern too, it’s on my “short list”. I’ve been “stashing” malabrigo to make one someday, it’s a softer yarn with lovely colors as well.

I’ve heard wonderful things about it, too! I am working on an entrelac scarf in Kureyon, and frankly, it seems amazingly scratchy to me, too. I was very surprised after all the “drooling” I’ve heard in knitting circles.

It IS fun to see how the colors change as you go along. The colors of my scarf are quite pretty, and it’s lovely to look at.

I haven’t washed and blocked it (because I haven’t finished it!), so I can’t say how it will be afterwards. But my initial reaction is a bit of disappointment.

Have to admit that I have only used it for felting and it works great for that!:knitting:

Hmm… Wont the kureyon felt pretty easy? I thought you would only want to use it for things that were going to be felted? I guess I learn something everyday!

I have also only used it for felting - it felts great… I have made a lot of bags with it and I love the color options… Although there are some great patterns for Kuryeon I was always really hesitant to use it as it feels so scratchy.

I used Kureyon for a Calorimetry, and it was a decent way to get a feel for it without a huge commitment since it took less than a skein. I didn’t love working with it, but it washed up (I used wool wash with a little hair conditioner) okay. That afghan is VERY appealing though - even without liking the feel of the yarn, I might even convince myself to knit that up! Good luck!

sorry but i hate it
it tangles as you knit
by that i mean it twists and needs straightening out
every few stitches
but again the most beautiful colors

I’m in love with Noro. The colors are gorgeous and they feel nice to me. I just picked up two skeins of Kureyon. It’s the first time I’ve used Kureyon, but I’ve done hats with Iro and just finished a baby hat in Silk Garden. The Kureyon does feel a little rough, but I think if you wash it right, it’ll soften up. Some moisturizing shampoo usually does the trick (I usually use Herbal Essences).

That’s weird, I’ve never had Kureyon twist on me at all. I ADORE Kureyon, mostly the Noro, it’s just the greatest. I made one of my first scarfs with it, a small blue/turquoise one for me, and I’ve said this before, it seems scratchy at first but whenyou start wearing it it gets softer and softer. I can’t wait to make a sweater out of it.
I’ve made hats and leg warmers. I’m doing a Transiitions hat right now that’s gorgeous. You should try it, you might fall in love with it.

I agree with most of you. Breathtakingly beautiful colorways, but scratchy, scratchy. If the actual knitting process isn’t enjoyable because of the feel of the yarn, I really don’t care how much it softens up.

OK, I always have to ask a ‘dumb’ question.
These afghans are beautiful and I would love to do one, but how do you wash something that big and not worry about it felting by accident. Is a wool afghan pratical? (for washing etc)
I was just at a Knit Along Party for shawls and one girl made her shawl out of Noro Silk Garden and the color way was out of this world.
So, that shawl made me want to use the Noro, but I would rather do a afghan then a shawl.

Geez, you really find it that scratchy? I never did. Now the blasted Lopi I’m doing my Einstein coat with, THAT’S SCRATCHY!

I have trouble with some wools making holes in my hands but Kureyon never does. I’m making a sweater with it, and it knits up beautifully. I made the popular striped scarf this winter and washed and conditioned it and it’s very soft. samm

I used to hate Kureyon until I made this. Now I can appreciate it. At first I was really bugged by the amount of little twigs and leaves and things I would find. I would imagine the idyllic life of a Noro sheep, which could only involve rolling around in the briar patch all day, then sleeping in a dry hedge. What else could possibly explain all that stuff?!

I will say that it knits up a lot softer than you would think. I’m not saying I would make a shell or tank top with it, but it wouldn’t be too scratchy for a cardigan where it would only touch your wrists/neck. It certainly was pleasant to knit with. It wasn’t scratchy on my hands and it has give (but isn’t so mushy that it doesn’t hold its shape).

The more I worked with it, the more I liked it, and in the end there are only two aspects that I still don’t like:

  1. The price. It is $$$. For that price, I’d rather be knitting w/Malabrigo even though the Malabrigo colors are less impressive.

  2. The knots/sudden color changes. I think they need to do a much better job of joining to a similar phase of the colorway. I know this is a problem w/all verigated yarn, but for the price, they need to do better.

SWTC Karaoke has been recommended to me as a substitute. It is much softer, not thick-thin, and doesn’t have rocks/sticks in it. But the cost is similar and the range of colors is much more limited.

I LOVE NORO! Lots of people don’t because it’s scratchy, but I don’t mind too much. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you sometimes get little bitty wood chips in it and sometimes there’s a knot or something like that. Honestly, ideally, they wouldn’t have pieces of wood and little bits of stuff, but I don’t mind because the colors are beautiful enough to make up for me.
Many people don’t like the feel, but that just means there’s more for me, right? :wink:

OMG, that’s gorgeous!:slight_smile:
I’d love to make something even half that pretty! I have never used this yarn, but can’t wait to try it. I even dreamed I was given a box of skeins.:aww: :rofl:

Interesting on the twigs and such in the yarn. Isn’t there quality control?

Oh my gosh Bip! That is just GORGEOUS! It’s like a big piece of art. Really impressive. I’ve never made anything that big, I made one afghan so far but it’s much smaller and simple. Someday…

funny about the twigs or bits of straw in yarn (not that I’ve found much in Noro) I must be one of the few who loves that. I like the fact it’s not spic and span factory pure… I like being reminded of sheep and meadows and stuff. It’s cool.

That is one gorgeous afghan! Expensive, but gorgeous. Now, who is going to explain the wrap and turn to me? :mrgreen: