Thoughts on modifications

I plan on making this sweater (probably the long sleeve), however, I am not sure the stand up neckline will look good on me. It has a turned hem, so I was thinking of knitting the neckline in 2x2 ribbing (and the cables) instead of the hem. Thinking it might be more flattering if it laid down. I am thin with fairly prominent collar bones.

Thoughts or comments welcome.


I think it would work if you’re careful about how many stitches you use for the ribbing. On one hand, you’d want the neckline smaller than the stand-up collar so it hugs, on the other, ribbing automatically pulls it in. A little experimenting may be in order.

But truthfully, I think that neckline is pretty and distinctive – the kind of portrait neckline that would flatter anyone – long or short neck, long or short hair, thin or heavy. I’m also wondering if the cable and ribbing might not fight each other.

Bottom line: it’s only a few rows. You can do it one way and if you don’t like it, do it the other way.

ETA: I just looked at the other pictures. Those models are pretty thin and the sweater doesn’t emphasize their collarbones.

i would be tempted to keep the neckline the same but maybe omit the turned part . It would give the same general shape, the wide boatneck, but would be less firm so it didn’t stand up and wouldn’t be so bulky.

it is a gorgeous sweater though

Thanks to both of you! I think the bulk is what was turning me off from the turned hem. I guess a little experimenting is in order.


It’s really pretty!!! Great pattern! Thanks