Thoughts on "Knitlite" needles?

I’m a theatre technician (which means I run around in black backstage of shows making sure the actors don’t break anything/run into anything/die a horrible death via things falling on them), and most of the downtime I have in the theatre is in darkness. So yesterday while on one of my many forays into my local Michael’s, I found a pair of needles that allows me to knit in the dark. They have little LED lights in the tips that you can turn on and off, and they make it surprisingly easy to knit in total darkness.

Has anyone else used them? What do you think of them? How well do they hold up under repeated use? They’re made out of somewhat flimsy plastic, so I’m afraid to use them too much for fear that I’ll break them. But they do make my downtime backstage useful!

I bought some just for fun…and a couple of crochet lite hooks for a friend of mine for her birthday. We sat in our little lunchroom in the dark, knitting and crocheting away, and giggling like two little girls. I haven’t tried anything big on them though.


I’ve knit a couple of scarves with mine & they were fun. You can just light one needle & always remember which row you’re on. (kind of like knitting with two different color needles)
The lights are really bright. If the power goes out you have a flashlight in your knitting bag!:happydance: My grandson thinks they’re cool.
(((HUGS))) Verna

I have been tempted to get some. I wish they came in circular needles. I knit every morning on the way to work (DH drives) and currently have a headlamp wound around the visor, pointing in my lap. Lighted needles would be great. But I don’t like straights and most of what I knit is in the round.

Seems like they would also be GREAT for knitting on a red-eye flight! I didn’t realize (by reading about them in ads) how useful they could be! Thanks for sharing your take on them! Good to know!

I bought a pair a few yrs ago when I saw them discounted down to a few dollars. But I’ve never used them. I only use circulars any more and honestly I’m not sure why I had to have them (but I did!)

I wouldn’t want to use them as a passenger in a car - I wouldn’t want the little lights floating around to be a distraction to the driver. Unless all the people around me were dead asleep, I’d be hesitant to use them on a plane/train/bus for that same distraction factor.

I also have a couple of the lighted crochet hooks. While I’ve used them quite a few times, never really utilized the light. Just used them as hooks w/out lights.

That seriously sounds like something I would do. I spend a loooot of my time giggling, easily amused at some gimmick or cheesy pun. I guess I have an excuse, I was a school girl two years ago >_>

I bought some a few years back so I could knit something while watching movies in our makeshift theatre.

I found them too bright for the projector, not bright enough for the project, and I with little effort, I ended up snapping off one of the tips. It really wasn’t worth it.

From someone who has worked in theatre, I wouldn’t do it. Depending on how close you are to the stage, it might give off too much light…