Thoughts on Knit Picks Cashmere Blend Yarns

Hey everyone,

So I went to Purl last week, and fondled the most scrumptious scarf ever on display. I decided I must have it, and was so ready to buy the yarn for it, but it turns out that it was knit with 3 skeins of 100% cashmere yarn. Which I can’t really afford. So, I was thinking of substituting with Knit Picks Panache. So those who have worked with it before, can you tell me your opinion on it? Is it really soft? I do love baby alpaca and merino yarns, so I’m sure I would like the Panache too. I was also initially considering Ambrosia, but probably won’t use it since it’s sport weight and also doesn’t come in a natural/cream color.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve used Panache (I knit an Anthro-Inspired Capelet for my SIL in it). It is VERY soft! I’m not sure how it compares to other, more expensive, cashmere and cashmere blend yarns though, because I haven’t used any. :pout:

Thanks for the feedback, Amber! How I wish I could afford 100% cashmere!! But I will take the poor woman’s version for now!