Those who make your own decorative stitch markers

What gauge wire do you use? Do you use a jump ring and then hang the beads from a separate wire? Make the ring out of the wire? Guess I better go browsing and see how it’s done!

I recently sorted out my craft tote and found a bunch of beads and stuff I hadn’t used since my college days (let’s just say that was in the last century :wink: ) and thought they would be great to use for making my own stitch markers. Now it’s just a matter of finding the time to do it!

I have used jump rings, but I like using one half of a toggle the best (now what to do with the other part of the toggle I have no idea!)

in the buy/sell/swap section of this forum I saw some for salethat were made with craft wire.

I use premade rings, that are little spirals(I guess jump rings are just the rings, right?). Then I use little head pins to pu the beads on. Since I’m too cheap to buy any tools I bend the end around the ring with a pair of scissors and my fingernails :wink:

I also prefer half of the toggle- it’s got a nice clean finish look to it, I think.

Like the circle part of one of these doodads?

Could you use the straight end for the other end of the marker, or do you think it would get stuck between stitches? :thinking: So it would be like a bracelet with four beads on it. :wink:

thats an idea gardenmommy…I think it’d work okay…

I’ve never made them and when I asked once I was told it was a secret. :rollseyes: :roflhard:

Anyhoo…you can get toggles way cheaper than Joanns if you buy online or maybe at a bead store. Here’s an example.
I wonder if they come in different sizes… :thinking:

Here’s more toggles than you can shake a stick at, looks like some come in larger sizes, and there are some very nice decorative ones too!

Lobster clasps can be nice too because you can actually hook them to a stitch. I don’t have a source - it’s just an idea that I saw someone else execute.

I use a variety of things and methods for my markers. If I want a HUGE ring marker, I will use a jump ring or even a key ring. I have used lobster clasps of varying sizes. I will usually put the beads on a head or eye pin, and then make a loop with the end, which I then use a small jump ring to attach to the toggle. I have about 3 different sizes of toggles that I can get easily and relatively cheaply. When using an eye pin, I will add a charm or wire wrapped bead to the end as a decoration.

SO glad this question was asked! I’ve been struggling with what to get to do some with–I’ve been using just anything I can get my hands on–even just tying loops of yarn. That works fine, but I think the markers like Foldedbird makes are so charming–I’m sure the rest of ya’ll’s are too, I’ve just only seen hers!! We don’t have anything but a WalMart near me, so I think I saw toggles there the other day and now I can DO IT MYSELF–which is the whole fun of it!! :wink:

Well WM will definitely get you started for your own markers… as long as the beading section is stocked correctly! The one I work at always seem sto be out of stock of the one item I need for what I’m working on!

I buy mini split rings from the local Ben Franklin. They look like this. I forget the brand, but I recall that Michael’s also carries this item in their bead/jewelry making section. They work on up to a US size 8 needle, which is fine because I often use them with my lesser-gauge dpns.

For the wire, I usually buy head pins, and just crimp the end into a circle for slipping the mini-ring onto. If you want to hang some kind of small charm or pendant on the tail end of your marker, I recommend using eye pins instead. Make sure you crimp that bottom eye well or you’ll lose your charm! I have a coldheat solder tool that I use to seal the gap if the charm is heavy, it works great.

I would like to know what gauge wire to use to make a wire wrapped loop to go on the needle & not use a premade anything. Any advice on gauge?