Thompson's Cap

My Asst Principal asked me to make him a hat…wants to pay me but I don’t know how much…anyway I JUST finished. I’m gonna wash it tonight and get the cat hair and stuff out so it can dry tomorrow and be ready for monday:thumbsup:

Make with Knit Picks Swisk DK in Merlot Heather. The pic doesn’t show the color great. Its much more brown with a hint of greeny bronze to me…:yay:

Good job! The Principal should love it.

Great work!

As for “price”…I’ve heard that some knitter charge[B] 1/2 cent per stitch[/B] for the “labor”,
and add that to the cost of yarn.

It shouldn’t be hard to “calculate” or “estimate” how many stitches you knit for this hat!

Very nice! Lucky man.

He loved it…I didn’t charge him but he now “owes me big” :happydance: nothing better than the asst principal owing you one

Knitting your way up the corporate ladder, eh? Very clever. It looks great!

Looks great!! Glad he loves it. And yes, it’s always better to be “owed.” LOL