Thomas the tank engine


does anyone have or know where i can buy/get a pattern with thomas the tank engine (or any of his freinds :slight_smile: on it please?

My 3 year old is head over heals about James from Thomas.

I would love to knit him one as a suprise.

I would consider myself an advanced beginer, but have an advanced knitter living with me, so would be prepared to have a go at advanced (with lots of help lol)



There are several patterns on eBay.


Thank you sooo much. I don’t know why i didn’t thinkof e bay n the firts place.

i’m gona bid on 2. the one withthe toy loks great. alexandre would loe it :happydance:


I’m glad I could help! Good luck with your bidding, and have a good weekend.

it look soooo cute!