This wont fit me, so I ask you

but I saw a sweater pattern that looked MUCH like this
but for adults, and I cannot find it again
it only had 2 or 3 rows of edge at the collar, and may have needed seaming instead of in the round, but i liked the pattern, but I cannot find it
I have looked and looked, in rav, and KPC, and I do not go that many places

[SIZE=1]help me please[/SIZE]

Welll. . .I’m sorry this is not the perfect answer, but here’re some ideas.

If you look on rav for “pullover” “raglan” “placket”, there is a child’s pullover which is sort of like what you’re wanting. BUT it comes from a book called The Complete Book of Raglan Sweaters by Leisure Arts, and that sweater (“Placket Neck Pullover”, no. 7) is designed for from 6 mos. baby to size 50 adult! As is “Basic Seamless Pullover”, no. 8. So here’s what you could do–

Instead of the ribbing at the bottom and cuffs, just do seed st. At the neck, if you like the placket, then just follow their instructions for no. 7. But if not, then do no. 8, and a few inches before the neckshaping begins, split the front and work the right and left half at the same time. At the split, do seed st for a few sts on each side. Then just follow the neck shaping as instructed, but keeping the split. For the neck band, instead of ribbing, do seed st.

Hope this makes sense, but I think it won’t be too difficult to adjust this pattern. Unless you get really lucky and someone else here recognizes it and can send you to the exact match!:pray:

It’s a basic raglan sleeve top down sweater, so you can sort of make up your own pattern as you go along. Use a pattern generator at or to figure how many sts to CO. Use the crew neck version, but don’t join so you can leave the neck open. Knit 2-3 rows in seed stitch, then start the increases, but leave the sts at the front neck edge in seed st. Try on as you go and increase until it fits you, then join your sts to close up the neck (maybe a couple rows of seed st below the neck opening, and divide for the sleeves and body.

The spring/summer 2008 issue of KnitSimple magazine has a sweater just like that on the cover. It can be made in a variety of sizes, including plus sizes. It is knit from the top, and allows you to determine the depth of the ‘V’ neck. There is a website at, but I was not able to connect to it using Firefox browser. Apparently, this is part of the Vogue Knitting family.
You can inquire at for back issues.